Among the Android messaging apps, Google Allo is a new app which offers some fresh ways to communicate. We'll discuss Google Allo tips and tricks on Android to help you use it easily and more conveniently. Aside from communicating features, Google Allo Android app offers awesome visual features like various stickers, doodling features and beautiful user interface. Now, we're going to tell you about some Google Allo tips and tricks on Android; so that you'll know the features better and get a better use of it.


Bigger Text
Well, sometimes you want to emphasize on what you're saying and sending a bigger text is a way to do that. Google Allo allows you to send texts in a bigger size which is not available on most of other Android messaging apps and actually, it is very easy to do it. Before sending the text, long press on send button and it turns into a slider and you can set the size of text with it.


Talk to Assistant
Your friends haven't still installed Google Allo Android app? Do you often get bored? Well, you've got a virtual friend to talk to. Allo's Google Assistant is there to talk to you and answer your questions and not only it is smarter than the similar apps, it also learns from its mistakes. It can also answer your questions about flight timings, food joints near you, etc.


Sometimes you need to mention something in a picture and the best way is to doodle on it. In Google Allo Android app, before sending an image, you can tap on the pencil icon and doodle on photos with colors and styles you like. You can also add texts to the photo.


You can use various stickers to express your emotions through them. Almost all Android messaging apps have sticker packs for communicating and Allo contains various sticker packs but how do we add them? You can access to other sticker packs by selecting the plus button on the left side of text box. Then tap on the fourth icon that appears. To search more stickers, select Get more sticker packs button.


Smart Suggestion
And last, but not the least. Sometimes you can be busy and still text your friends. Some basic messages like "Hello!" and "How are you?" have the same answers and typing them again and again takes your time. Allo suggests prepared answers to these messages, so you can answer them quickly.


So, these are the best features and tips for Google Allo. I hope you find them useful and use them in your messages to get a convenient experience of this great messaging app.

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