We haven’t discussed much about Google Glass here in AW Center (except 1 article about How does Google Glass work?) as it doesn’t have a widespread use due to many reasons including its price and lack of enough attractive applications for the Glass as well as games to play with it.

To get more developer to put some efforts on developing Glass supported games, Google has published 5 mini games to show the unique features of Google Glass which can help developers to create simple yet attractive games for the device.


Other than simplicity, using voice actions and Glass sensors are the 3 main elements of these created games, which make interacting with the game more interesting. You just need to say “OK Glass, play a game”, fire a ball with your voice, tilt you head to keep tile of shap es in balance, and use your hand for slicing and dicing shapes.

Tennis, Balance, Clay Shooter, Matcher, and Shape Splitter are the 5 new mini games developed by Google which promise a unique experience by the aid of you Google Glass.


For more information, go to Google’s Developers webpage for Mini Games, and you can also view this video published by Google on YouTube to get more familiar with the concept of games in Google Glass (Watch Mini-Games for Glass on YouTube).

Do you think Google Glass has the potential to become an interesting gaming platform for developers with its unique features?