Google Now is the best android personal assistant and speech recognition service, feeding users with useful information such as weather situations, unit conversion, famous people and places, sport news, train and airplane time table, traffic conditions, navigation, nearest restaurants, stores, stock prices and much other useful information. It can also display information for a specific item by taking its pictures. Google Now (Google Intelligent Personal Assistant)  was first introduced in 2012 and came with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. And now it is also available for older Android versions and also on iOS. Note that it is a Cloud Computing service and requires active internet connection for working properly.

Using Google Now
There are several ways to access Google Now. If you are using Android jelly Bean 4.1 or above, you can access it via Google Application or by dragging up the bottom of your Home Screen or even easier, from your lock screen page. If you use an older Android version or iOS, you can access it from your browser or Google Microphone button on its search bar. It displays some default information based on your current location, time and favorites when you first run it. For exampl e if you run it at 11 AM while standing on a street, first of all, it displays the current weather situations. Then if you scroll down, your current position on the map, Nearest Bus and subway stations, traffic conditions, nearest restaurants, stores, and many more appears on your screen.

Google Now, How it was invented?
It is interesting to know that Google Now is in fact originated from Google Glass project. Google Glass required a speech recognition service to receive user’s commands. Then gradually, by the development of android device, it was ported to these devices. Google Now extracts all its information from Google Search.

Timing with Google Now
Using Google Now, it’s easy to manage your tasks. All you have to do is to simply ask your personal assistant about your appointments, airplane departure time, work plans or even your friend’s birthday.

Some Google Now Keywords/ Commands
Some frequently used Google Now keywords are as follow:

  • Distance A to B
  • Weather in London
  • Who is David Beckham
  • London Olympic 2012
  • How tall is Eiffel Tower?
  • 2 + 2