Google I/O 2014 was mainly about Android L and Android L was mainly about the Material Design and the way Google redesigned its popular mobile OS.

While the latest version of Android L along with the Material Design interface will be available from fall 2014, and of course for just a few devices, you can now enjoy the Google Play Store with a material-design taste just by updating the application itself.


After updating the Google Play Store application (if the update is already pushed to your device), you may not notice any change in the main screen, but once you open an application’s page you’d notice the difference and see how amazing the new interface is.

The redesigned content’s page (including application, book, movie, and music) is just neat and clean, and here is the list of noticeable changes:

  • An awesome banner at the top of the page (or a related video)  
  • The app’s description and the change logs are shown in full screen
  • The app’s current version, number of downloads, size, content rating, last update date can be found at the bottom of app’s description page
  • Developer’s website, sending email to the developer and permission details can be found at the bottom of the page
  • < li>There are 3 cool icons indicating the rating, the genre (type) and similar applications/games
  • Applying a +1 to an app or writing a review and rating the app is much easier


As mentioned, while the applications’ pages design have been completed revamped, there are no noticeable changes in other pages and menus of the Google Play Store and we believe there should be another huge update on the way and maybe Google is waiting for the official release of Android L to unveil the final version of Google Play Store.

In overall, we loved the way applications and games (as well as books, music and video) look like in this new version as the new design is simple, elegant and clean.


If you haven’t already received the latest version, don’t worry as the update is a staggered roll-out and you may need a few days or more to get the update and enjoy another Google’s product will Material Design layout.