This week, Google was busy releasing Android Device Manager as another application to its mobile platform, as well as providing huge updates to its popular music and email applications: Gmail and Google Play Music


1. Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager Application is now a single app which can be installed on any Android device running Android 2.3 and above.

The Device Manager lets you Lock, Erase or Ring all the devices associated with the same Google account  right from any of your Android devices, and the main feature of this App is of course for locating your lost device.

Make sure to authorize the permission to remotely locate your device, remote lock, and factory reset, in order to be able to control your lost device remotely or resetting the forgotten password.

 Download Android Device Manager From Google Play

2. Gmail: Vacation Responder, Save Archive Files, Attach Files, and Cloud Printing

Google released a huge update for its popular email application, Gmail. Other than smoother performance on low-end devices with less memory, Google added these features to the Gmail:

Vacation Responder: If you go to settings, you will notice a new option there: Vacation responder. As the name suggests, you can set a start and an optional end point, and the application sends an automatic reply with the given subject and message body. You also have the option to limit this automatic response only to your contacts.

Supporting for Archive files: Th e Gmail application now supports Archive files with Zip extension, and you can save or open them in the attachments.

Attach File instead of Attach Picture or Video: Prior to this Gmail 4.7 update, you could only attach pictures and videos from the Gmail application, but you can now literally attach any file you want and send them via email.

Support for KitKat printing: One of the few features of Android KitKat was cloud printing, and the updated Gmail app lets you now print your messages, either all or selected ones.

Download Gmail From Google Play

3. Google Play Music Supports SD Card for Offline Music

In the latest Google Play Music update, users with Android devices running KitKat or some older devices like Galaxy S4, can store music on the external storage and play them offline (When you enable this feature, it automatically copies the music files stored on the internal storage to the external storage).

There is also the option to shuffle all songs from an artist in ALL Access, as well as providing easier options to share songs.

 Download Google Music Player From Google Play