“Build your job-winning resume in 3 easy steps.” This is what Got Resume Builder is all about, according to their developers. Honestly, I did go through the whole process of making a resume, and I can say that they really are doing a decent job at what they claim they do.

The whole experience of generating a resume is done smoothly and I cannot really think of any other resume builder app that delivers the same experience. There is a range of available design templates along with customization options to create unique resumes and the available tips as well as step-by-step guides make sure you can go from A to Z without having to go through a complex procedure.

Special offer due to the COVID-19 pandemic: To combat COVID-19 pandemic and help people get back to work, they are releasing this special edition of Got Resume Builder Android and iOS app free of charge for all users.


What I liked the most about Go t Resume Builder? First of all, you get to manage multiple resumes for different purposes and opportunities right within the app. It is very helpful when you have different skills, but need to be as detailed as possible in specific applications. You also have access to a rich database of predefined resume sections that saves you time and helps you create professional resumes.

What else? Well, don’t forget about the useful tips you receive when writing your resume. The tips are context-sensitive and it’s like they are coming from an experienced HR manager. 

Overall, Got Resume Builder turns the painful yet very important task of building a resume into a pleasant and fun task. This resume builder app is available for iOS and Web, and for Android users, you can download Got Resume Builder from the Play Store free of charge.