Many people believe that we will see substantial technological advances towards the concepts of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). These days, if you search for AR applications, more promising titles come up, and users can enjoy more aspects of AR on their mobile devices. More phones are supporting AR, and more developers are showing interest in releasing AR-related applications. 

As the name implies, GRAB AR is one of these applications that utilize the concept of augmented reality and delivers an interactive image viewer where you can add multiple images with the option to attach notes, URLs, locations, and much more. 


What to expect from GRAB AR?
is all about enabling users to view their content interactively. Using the intelligent object grabber tool, you can take a picture from any object in any surrounding, utilize AI to remove the background, and add the image to your collection. You can add multiple images in multiple layers and associate each image to a link or note. 

Once your interactive content is ready, you get to share it with others or export it to a PDF/Word document. 

GRAB AR for Android

What did I like the most about GRAB AR?
Well, Augmented Reality is one of my favorite topics to follow, and I do look forward to seeing more advanced applications utilizing AR and AI. I did like the idea behind GRAB AR and I must admit, the developers have done a great job. This AR app delivers everything it promised, and thanks to the clean UI, you will be able to create interactive content with ease. I also like the background removal feature that helps you to focus only on the objects that matter to you the most. 


Should I give GRAB AR a try?
Like always, it depends on the type of user you are and the type of application you are looking for. If you wish to try out AR-related applications, GRAB AR won’t disappoint you at all. If you are looking for an excellent image viewer app that allows you to place interactive content, this AR app has got you covered.

You can download GRAB AR from Paly Store for free and have fun creating interactive content from your surrounding. GRAB AR is also available for iOS and the AR image viewer Web app allows you to get the most out of available features on a web browser.