You know me. I mostly prefer games with lightweight size, one-touch gameplay, and simple design. And when it comes to large-size games with epic graphics, complex gameplay, and a variety of different challenges, the game must really have something to offer.

Guardian Prelude is a new MMORPG game with an open-world map that offers real-time battles, the option to collaborate with other members to defeat the enemy, upgrade your character with new skills and equipment, and much more. You can freely explore the map without any specific restrictions, and other than the primary mission, you also get to discover hidden stories and missions.

What do I like the most about Guardian Prelude?
Unlike other MMORPG games that come with complex gameplay, I found the gameplay of Guardian Prelude very easy to learn, and you will get the whole idea as soon as entering into the map for the very first time. You can easily move the warrior across the screen, and the available on-screen buttons help you interact with other people and warriors, defend yourself, and attack the enemy.
I also liked the fact that I’m playing in an open-map world with the option to explore new stories and start hidden challenges, other than the main missions.

Guardian Prelude for Android

The team-up feature is yet another feature that I really liked, and it feels like you are on a battlefield, already teamed up with friends and fight for the same goal.
And as you should already expect, there are multiple warriors to choose with different skills and strengths, various options to upgrade the skills, and so many quests to complete.

Is Guardian Prelude worth a try?
Guardian Prelude is a premium app with no free tier. If you are a fan of MMORPG games with intense battles, easy to learn gameplay, various challenges and missions, and epic graphics with fantastic music, then the answer is Yes!
Download Guardian Prelude from Play Store, jump into the battlefield, and defeat the dark monsters.