Space Invaders was the very first shooter game that introduced the concept of the popular “shoot 'em up” genre. Since then, we have seen thousands of different galaxy shooter games that come with the same gameplay but different graphics and challenges. Guardian Space Galaxy is one of the latest space shooter games that you are playing as the defender of the earth and your objective is to take down the invaders’ spaceships and their bosses. 

About the developer: This addictive and endless galaxy shooter game is developed by the CoolgamesApp company, which focuses on providing action and adventure games to add fun to players’ lives. They also offer another addictive game called Super Talent Bubble, which is based on the popular and classic bubble shooter game. 


What to expect from Guardian Space Galaxy?

Well, like any other galaxy shooter games, you get to con trol a spaceship that is automatically shooting and you should do whatever it takes to hit all the other spaceships and try to avoid hitting by them. The wide range of available missions, different types of bosses to face, and multiple power-ups and booster are just a few reasons that make this shoot 'em up game an amazing choice to kill some time in your spare time. 

There is also a couple of other spaceships that you can acquire and continue your dangerous journey with. Overall, this galaxy shooter game is fun, exciting, and full of surprises and new challenges. 

Guardian Space Galaxy

Is Guardian Space Galaxy worth a try?

If you are looking for an addictive galaxy shooter game with high-quality graphics, smooth animations and endless challenges, then Guardian Space Galaxy won’t disappoint you at all. There is also the addictive Online mode where you can compete with a friend and double up the fun.

Download Guardian Space Galaxy from Play Store and have fun controlling the spaceship and take down the invaders.