In the first article about tips for buying Android phone & tablets, we discussed about price and quality. In this AW Center article, we are going to discuss about different brands, producing Android devices.

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Samsung: The Korean manufacturer, Samsung, has the biggest sales of Android devices. Samsung adopted a new policy in marketing and sales of Android devices by creating the Galaxy brand. Samsung follows a general design in Galaxy line, which although most users see it as beautiful and appealing, the professional people don’t see it as beautiful. In galaxy line, the S series are categorized as the leader of this line and the latest Galaxy S4 is known as the best Samsung Android device. Usually, Samsung tries to attract the users with some unique and new features, especially in the S series. These features are ranged both from hardware to software. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S4 with two quad core processors and some unique software features which became the first choice of users. Samsung offers gadgets for all pockets. The Samsung gadgets categorized into high, medium and low end classes based on the hardware, software features and prices. In addition to covering the phone market, Samsung covered the tablet market with a range of tablets with different sizes which Nexus 10 can be named as one of the best in the market. Samsung equipped its high end devices with Super AMOLED screens and medium to some low range gadgets with the TFT LCD. Samsung Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus phones and Nexus 10 tablet are all manufactured under the supervision of the Google. 

LG: LG is another Korean company and a serious competitor to Samsung, which during recent month, succeeded in clearing a record sale in Android gadgets. The main brand which LG produced at first was Optiums that wasn’t successful. However, right now th ey are producing gadgets under G brand name which is more successful than the former one. Right now, LG with its latest G2 phone which is equipped with Snapdragon 800 processor is competing with others. Moreover, the latest Google phone, Nexus 4, is produced by LG too. In addition to normal displays, LG uses IPS technology in its displays.

HTC: HTC is a Taiwanese manufacturer which its main line of productions dedicated to Android gadgets. This company is known as the first partner of the Google and manufacturer of the Android devices. HTC has two main sub brands, One and Desire. However, they are not as famous as Samsung’s Galaxy series and they don’t follow a particular design. HTC has produced special phones for the Facebook three times which the last one is HTC First. HTC partnered with Google on Nexus series too, and produced Nexus One. Currently, the HTC One is the latest flagship for HTC. HTC uses both TFT LCD and Super LCD in its gadgets, which the latter one is used in high end models. By integrating a Beast Audio technology, HTC tries to bring a great experience of listening to music for the users. HTC is the only producer that uses this technology in its products.

Sony: After acquiring the communication part of Ericson by Sony, the Sony logo once again was seen on the gadgets. Sony by branding XPERIA and following a particular design tries to penetrate the market. This Japanese company focuses on multimedia features to attract the users. Sony uses normal TFT LCD, but equipped these screens with a customized Sony Bravia processing engine to deliver excellent picture quality.  Right now the latest flagship of this company is XPERIA Z Ultra with Snapdragon 800 processor.

Our Recommendation: Although the manufacturer of Android gadgets are a lot, but based on the sales and users statistics, these four company is known as the best in quality and user’s experience. If you are looking for beauty, quality and excellence feeling, then we recommend you Sony's phones. If you're looking for a variety of hardware and software features, then you can count on Samsung’s productions. HTC is a good option too and this is because of its history as oldest Android gadgets producer.