Nowadays Android gadgets are considered a good choice for buyers of new gadgets in the market. Usually, some of the users get some information on these gadgets before going to market to buy them. These information help them to know gadget functions better and decide easier based on their need or interest. On the other hand, many users without any knowledge head to electronic shops to get a new gadget and they will be drown in a sea of different devices with different features. Thus, we decided, in a series of articles, we acknowledge you about important factors which should be considered in buying an Android gadget. In today’s post we will classify the gadgets based on the price and quality which both of them can be chosen as your criteria in buying a new device. 

Price and Quality of Android Devices

Android gadgets can be divided into three classes of, high end, middle and low end in terms of price and quality.

High End Gadgets

This category typically consists of high prices gadgets. As they say “You get what you pay for”, the devices in this category have the highest quality and features. Normally the devices in this category are considered as a flagship in Android world.

The gadgets in this category are normally equipped with a 4.3 to 5.5 inch of Full HD screen for phones and 9 to 11 inches for tablets. The type of screens are varies among Super AMOLED, LED Blacklit IPS, Super LCD and True IPS which they are all providing a marvelous quality in showing pictures. The processors which come with these devices are with frequency higher than 1.5 GHz and quad core. The graphic processor, RAM and main memory are all high end too.

The number of mega pixels for the cameras of this category is still a subject of constant debate. The manufactures are always trying to persuade the consumers with these high mega pixels cameras with lots of features into buying them. These cameras typically can take videos with Full HD resolution. Almost all of these gadgets are equipped with typical sensors which are needed for a phone or tablet in this category. However, in some cases they go beyond the normal sensors and are equipped with sensors such as barometer and thermometer like in Samsung Galaxy S4.

In addition to hardware, the thing which recently manufactures focus on is specific software functionality, which is providing some apps and functions besides the Android default features for entertainment or productivity. Samsung is a leader in this area.

The price range of products which are categorized in high end area are normally between 450 to 700 euros.

Middle Class Gadgets

The gadgets in this class have relatively good quality and reasonable price. The middle class gadgets have featured with appropriate software which meet the daily needs of the users.

The screens in this category are normally TFT LCD or Super LCD. The sizes of LCDs are something between 3.5 to 4.3 inches, which you may find devices with 5 inches such as Galaxy Grand too.

The processors of these gadgets are usually dual core with the maximum frequency of 1.2 GHz. The most frequency which can be seen is 1GHz among these gadgets. The RAM amount would not surpass 1 GB.

In Camera specification we are more observing 5 megapixels of resolution. Although the resolution is not that much high compared to high end cameras, they have good software features. These cameras are capable of recording a video up to HD resolution.

The price range of these Android gadgets is normally considered between 200 to 450 dollars.

Low End Gadgets

In this group we have a low quality phones with the lowest prices. These gadgets normally, have the lowest hardware and software features. The screens in this category are usually TFT LCD with 480x320 resolutions and a low DPI. The screen sizes varies between 3 to 3.5 inches.

The processors frequencies are 600 to 800 MHz. the Maximum RAM which can be seen is 1 GB.

The equipped cameras are 2 or 3.2 megapixels which they don’t have LED flash and Auto Focus.

The gadgets in this category are up to 200 dollars.

Our Suggestions

If you would like to pay good money on an Android gadget, our suggestions go to the flag bearers of these gadgets which are, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Motorola Moto X, Sony XPERIA Z, LG Nexus 4 and LG G2. Among our suggestions, Nexus 4 comes with more affordable price and you may also want to wait for Note 3 or Xperia Z1 (Hunami).

If you would like to buy a device based on your budget and you’re looking into reasonable hardware and software features, then you can check the devices in the middle range. In this range our suggestions are, Samsung Galaxy Ace 3, Galaxy S4 mini, Sony XPERIA L, XPERIA P, LG Optimus L7 and HTC Desire X.

And finally, if you’re looking into cheap gadgets with the highest features and functions our suggestions are, HTC Desire C and Samsung Galaxy Young.

Stay tuned for our next guideline for buying Android devices, which is about Screens.