Some games never get old and they remain always addictive and engaging as if you have just started to play them. Brick breaker games are one of such categories that were first introduced first in 1986 with the name of Arkanoid and hundreds of games with the same concept and gameplay have surfaced since then.

Hackanoid is one of the latest brick breaker games that delivers the same old gameplay with modern style and high-quality graphics. What I liked the most about this arcade game was the fact that it felt like I’m playing that old Arkanoid game with the same levels and challenges. However, while it feels like playing a classic brick breaker game, the smooth animations along with modern style make sure you are having a pleasant time removing bricks on the board.

Hackanoid Classic Brick Breaker

Should you give Hackanoid a try?

Well, if you miss playing the classic Arkanoid game, Hackanoid not only delivers everything you should expect from such brick breaker games, but it also offers amazing features including high-quality graphics and modern style with smooth animations. 

For those who are looking for an addictive arcade game to kill some time, Hackanoid can be good choice as well.

Overall, Hackanoid is a perfect brick breaker game that can entertain you for hours without ever getting bored or tired.

Download Hackanoid from Play Store and see how many bricks you can remove and how many levels you can clear.