I don’t know how, but it actually works and boosts the level of the sound through the headphone and speaker of your Android phone or tablet. This is my final verdict after reviewing the Headphone High Volume Booster app.


What does it do? This music booster app increases the audio volume when listening to the music without distorting the sound or losing the quality. According to the developers, it will boost the music level up to 60% depending on your device.


What else? There is also the option to boost the bass level and customize the equalizer based on the type of music you are listening to.


What should you do? To enjoy listening to music at higher volume level, you just need to install this app, tap on the Boost button and the volume increases right away. It’s that simple.


Does it actually work? Well, the short answer is YES. When I saw this app for the first time, I was really skeptical and I was kind of sure it’s yet another fake app that doesn’t really do anything except showing annoying ads. But, I gave it a try and the results were surprising. Headphone High Volume Booster does really work and does really boost the level of the music.


Is it worth giving it a try?

Well, if you are a frequent music listener and care about the quality of the sound you listen to, you can download  this music booster app for free on your Android device and see how it can change the way you used to listen to music.