Have you ever felt that you can't stop playing a game? And after stopping, you've seen you've played hundreds of levels? Well, Hex Blocks Puzzle is one of those games and it will challenge your mind with its brilliant puzzles. It is similar to one of more popular Android puzzle games called Block! Hexa Puzzle but I daresay that Hex Blocks has got some benefits over it, and we'll talk about them in the next paragraphs. All these features make this game one of the best arcade games for both Android and iOS platforms. Keep on reading to learn more about this free hex blocks puzzle game:


First, let's see how it is played. You'll be given some hexagons, attached together and forming different shapes and you should put them together in a way that they fit in the frame. Just like classic arcade games for Android, the game comes with three difficulties: Small, Medium, and Big. Medium and big are locked first but on winning some levels in easier difficulties, they get unlocked. The harder difficulties offer bigger frames with more complicated pieces. The good news is that you might use some hints when you are stuck in a level but remember the number of hints are limited and you should use them wisely.


It is designed very well and you'll enjoy the smooth animations and great combination of colors and so, it has everything that Android puzzle games need. As we mentioned above, Block! Hexa Puzzle is a similar game to it but there are some reasons that can convince us to prefer Hex Blocks over it. First of all, it uses a smaller amount of your memory and then, it heats your device less. It has also got infinite levels and you can play it as long as you like. Moreover, it supports screen rotation which means you can play it in both landscape and portrait mode.


You can find some useful options in setting section. There is an option for anchoring pieces and when it's enabled, the pieces will return to their first place after moving them to somewhere out of the frame but if you turn it off, they'll stay on where you move them. This might come in very handy for better time records. You can also turn on/off screen auto-rotation, music, and sound. It supports 14 languages and you can change it in the setting section too.

After all, with considering all the facts that we mentioned above, Hex Blocks Puzzle is one of the best Android puzzle games and one of the greatest Arcade games for Android and iOS that you shouldn't miss. For more info, visit the Hex Blocks Puzzle website.

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