Is it me or is hexa block puzzle games still one of the most addictive and exciting type of puzzle games? Hexa Candy Puzzle is a fresh puzzle game that comes with the familiar concept of dragging the hexagonal blocks into a grid frame and doing whatever it takes to fit all the blocks. Seems like an easy job? Well, let’s see.

When it comes to the gameplay and graphics, this free puzzle game comes with a very easy to learn gameplay and the smooth animations along with color graphics and cool sound effects help you relax your mind and concentrate on the gameplay without being distracted. Speaking of relaxing your mind, since there is no time limit, you can take as much time as you wish to solve the puzzle.


Is Hexa Candy Puzzle worth a try? When you search for the hexa block puzzle games, you will see hundreds of games with the same concept and almost the same gameplay and experience. So, with that being said, is this puzzle game wor th giving a shot?


Well, I would say yes. Although the game’s concept and mission are the same and there is nothing new, you get to enjoy playing in a very clean and neat interface with stunning graphics and relaxing sound effects. The variety of available challenges to solve with different levels of difficulties is yet another reason that makes Hexa Candy Puzzle a try. There are also different types of daily rewards that keep you engaged with the game and get you to check the game every day to never miss a reward.

Download Hexa Candy Puzzle from Play Store free of charge and see how many levels you can manage to clear by just dragging the hexagonal pieces in the grid frame and fitting them all.