Zigzag games have recently grown popularity and no wonder more developers tend to use the concept and produce such games. Highway Getaway one of these zigzag games that in my opinion, happens to be one of the most successful ones as well. 

You are driving a car and you’d do whatever it takes to avoid crashing the car and of course collect as much cash as possible. 

Like any other zigzag game, your objective is to move through the maze by just turning right and left, and the gameplay is as simple as tapping on the screen to move the car. 

What to expect from the Highway Getaway? Well, as you have already guessed, this game is all about keeping the car on the track and avoid crashing by just tapping on the screen and move the car’s direction. 


What makes it addictive? It comes with a super user-friendly interface and easy to learn gameplay that enables you to get used to co ntrolling the car without having to be familiar with the concept of zigzag games. The gameplay is endless and you can keep driving the car until you crash. 

Is it worth every Penny? Since Highway Getaway is actually a paid game, you may hesitate giving it a try and need more reasons to download it. There are no disturbing ads and you can freely play without having to worry about getting in-app purchase items or paying extra to unlock new levels. So, if you like playing such zigzag games, then Highway Getaway is definitely worth every Penny. 

Download Highway Getaway from the Google Play Store and see how it feels controlling a car while collecting coins and trying to avoid crashing. You need to be fast and precise when it comes to changing the direction of the car, or you have to start over and over.