Physics-based games have always been one of my favorite types of games, as not only do they challenge your mind, but they also bring hours of fun and entertain you. For me, Brain It On and Hill Climb Racing were two of the most addictive physics-based games I’ve ever played, and no wonder there are so many other games that deliver the same gameplay. 

If you are like me and happen to like the popular physics-based title, Hill Climb Racing, keep on reading to get familiar with a new driving game that shares the same gameplay as Hill Climb Racing but comes with so many excellent features and more challenges. 

Hill Ride is a fresh physics-based driving game that comes with various cars to drive and landscapes to race through. Your objective is to finish the end line at each level without rolling over or running out of gas. Like the original title, you can collect coins to unlock new cars and upgrade your car parts. 

Hill								 Ride for Android

What do I like the most about Hill Ride?

Well, first of all, it delivers everything that I expect from such physics-based driving games. There are so many different landscapes to explore, so many different cars to try out, multiple options to upgrade your vehicle, and much more. 

I also liked the smooth animations, as well as high-quality graphics and fantastic sound effects. 

Should I give this physics-based driving game a try?

If you like physics-based games and looking for a new driving game that is similar to the popular Hill Climb Racing game, but offers new challenges and comes with amazing graphics, then the answer is Yes! 

Download Hill Ride from Play Store, choose your favorite car, upgrade the car parts, and do whatever it takes to drive to the end line.