HILLDRIVE is an amazing and realistic truck simulator that tries to get you the feeling of driving a bus, an 18 wheeler, and other types of trucks and big vehicles. With this addictive car parking game, you get to challenge your truck parking skills, drive through different roads, and complete the missions one by one. 

HILLDRIVE comes with 45 unique driving missions, and while the main objective is to try to park your truck (or bus) in the designated parking area, you get to enjoy free drive (almost free drive) on multiple roads. 

When it comes to the gameplay, you can control the truck using the on-screen controls, and it may take a couple of tries to get used to how to drive your vehicle. 

HILLDRIVE Free Car Parking Game

What do I like the most about HILLDRIVE?

The 3D graphics with smooth animations and a variety of available landscapes and roads to drive are the first things that took my attention. I’m not 100% sure, but to me, it was more difficult to control t he vehicle while the weather was snowy!  

I did enjoy the fantastic simulation of truck driving with realistic physics. As for car driving, you may need some try to master the gameplay and only focus on reaching each level’s goals. 

I also liked the various missions and challenges you have to face while driving different vehicles at each level. As mentioned in the beginning, although the main objective is to park your vehicle in the correct location, you will also enjoy driving your truck or bus on different roads. 

Is HILLDRIVE worth a try?

If you want to find out what it feels like to drive a truck or bus and look for a truck simulator game with realistic physics, the answer is yes! This free car parking game can entertain you for hours without noticing the time and will help you kill some time in your spare time.

Download HILLDRIVE from Paly Store (Android)
Download HILLDRIVE from App Store (iOS)