Each Android user has a different expectations from its launcher. Thus, to choose the best one, it is better to experience all of them or use others experiences and recommendations.

The role of the Android launcher cannot be denied and moreover, without a doubt, without a proper launcher the users can’t have an efficient use of their Android gadgets.

Among the available launchers on the market, there are many apps which can satisfy the users. If you’re looking for a 3D launcher with lots of effects, Next launcher can be a good choice, but the user is always looking to keep the hardware usage to the minimum, so the device works more smoothly; in this case the Apex and Nova launchers are good choices.

Besides those famous launchers, there are new ones which have something to say. One of these launchers which have many features and functions available to users is Holo.

Opposite to many launchers which are restricted to just new versions of Android, the Holo can be installed on all versions of Android, and this is a prominent feature, as still 40 percent of the users have Android 2.3 and lower on their devices.

Holo Launcher HD Features

  • The possibility of high customization in Home screen, Dock bar and App Drawer
  • Support from various gesture
  • Possibility to edit unlimited number of tabs in app drawer
  • Putting 1*1 widgets in the dock at bottom of the Home Screen
  • Supports various icon Packs even from other famous launchers such as Go launcher
  • Notification for missed calls and new SMS and unread Emails


We explained the interface and the settings menu of a launcher several times in the Apex launcher review, and as the setting menu and the app drawer of Holo is almost same as Apex, we are not going through it.

In the General Settings section, there are many useful options. Options such as the show type, vertically or horizontally and in addition the keep in memory option. This option will force the launcher to sit on the Ram, so it can load instantly. This option is recommended to people who are looking for high speeds.

The wide range of options are available in the menu. These options are available by pressing the menu key on the gadget on the home screen.

In the home screen you have the option to add up to 9 different pages and 10 icons on each. The duck bar can filled with up to 7 icons. Moreover, there is a possibility to have different tabs in App Drawer as well.

The launcher has two additional apps too. The first one is Holo Notifier which is a notification app. It shows number of calls and new SMS on the preferred icon of the related app. In addition to the power of changing the default dialer application, you can customize the size, color and the position of default dialer as well.

The second app is Holo Locker, which is a lock screen app. If you decided to use Holo, then it is highly recommended to use these two apps with it too.

To sum up, it is a very powerful launcher which in addition to the good speed, it uses not that much of memory and important that all, you can install it on Ginger Bread as well.


Download Holo Launcher HD from Google Play

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