Basketball games have always been one of the most popular sports games on PC, Consoles and of course mobile devices. Such games vary from simulating a real basketball game to focusing on certain basketball games. While I was browsing through the new basketball games, Hot Dunk caught my attention and made me give with a try.

Guess what happened next? I’m already addicted to this super cool game and I’m doing whatever it takes to score more hoop shots and improve my ranking in the leaderboard.

What did I like most about this basketball game? Well, first of all, the super user-friendly interface along with easy to learn one-touch gameplay enable users to get used to the gameplay after a few tries. You just need to keep tapping on the screen to control the ball and try to make a dunk. Each shot needs to be made in a limited time and you have to start over as soon as you fail to make a successful dunk before the time runs out.

I also liked the simple and elegant design and graphics, and the animations are so smooth that you won’t feel any lag or slowness.


In overall, Hot Dunk is a perfect choice for those who are into time-killer games and looking for an addictive basketball game. The leaderboard feature makes the game even more addictive, as you get to compete against yourself and other basketball players.


Hot Dunk main features at a glance:

  • Clean and neat design with a fresh and intuitive interface
  • High-quality graphics with smooth animations
  • Different ball skins to choose from (you need to unlock new skins by spending coins)
  • One-touch gameplay
  • Fun for all ages
  • Free to use

So, download Hot Dunk from Google Play Store for free on your Android phone or tablet and start scoring beautiful hoop shots. The random positions of the hoop along with a wide range of ball skins to unlock and the leaderboard features make sure you never get bored of this wonderful basketball game.

Download From Google Play