With the evolution into the digital technology world, everything, including learning, has been made super easy. Today, college and university students hardly step foot into the school library and computing laboratories.

Primarily because whatever information for any lesson they need could always be accessed using smartphones and personal computers. The frequent launch of mobile applications on Android phones now widens the scope of learning in a smartphone for students. Let's read through a few ways these apps help.

New Learning Methods

Learning on mobile applications provides students with multiple options, which include entertainment. Android mobile applications serve as an open resource with entertainment topics to write about all scope of learning. Aside from the numerous mobile games on Android application stores, educational apps also enhance learning. Often, college students take advantage of free essay examples about entertainment to get more insight on research paper topics.

App stores are stocked with digital gliders, dictionaries, textbooks, and manuals for the general development of the mind. Unlike the physical copies of these publications, the applications get updated with the latest information frequently.

With an update of the app, students have a wider range of information to access their data. For example, a dictionary app gets an update on a word before the next publication is made available at the bookstore.

Improves Student-Teacher Communication

The regular classroom setting barely creates enough room for extended conversations between the lecturers and students. Mostly, the lecturers have other levels to attend to while the students have the next lecture on their daily schedule.

However, with learning platforms on mobile apps, the barrier between the students and lecturers has been eradicated. Most times, the applications are programmed to meet the academic needs of the student, which makes learning highly effective.

Language learning applications like Duolingo cover this void perfectly well. Users have a platform that answers 80% of their language questions without the active presence of a real teacher. The app is designed with an artificial intelligence algorithm that predicts possible questions asked by students.

Even when you have zero knowledge of a language, Duolingo allows you to connect personally with the platform like you would with a teacher.

Access To eBooks And Online Study Materials

Another way android apps help students with learning is access to several study materials online. Today, authors have their books written in both hard copies and eBooks. This enables young scholars to decide between studying physical books and digital materials.

A learning app allows you access to a mini-library on the subject on-the-go. Unlike spending hours at the library studying one book at a time, these applications allow undergraduates to study with so much versatility.

Coursera is a productive learning application students have used for years to achieve academic success. Alongside its numerous features, the wide range of study materials and eBooks it offers the users make it stand out.

On Coursera, you get recommendations from reputable authors and online materials on the subject topic. The platform also gives an in-text citation of academic papers to help students get referencing for clarity and comprehensive explanation.

Miscellaneous Functions

The use of mobile applications also helps students enjoy added benefits like payment of tuition fees, social platforms among students, and so on. For example, paying tuition fees or other fees at all would warrant a queue that could last hours.

With the integration of payment options on school apps, undergraduates can now make payments online. It also saves everyone the stress of awaiting processing and confirmation since that can be done in microseconds online.

There are also attendance-management applications that help teachers keep track of the scholars' attendance with ease. Unlike the traditional way of taking class attendance, mobile apps now make accountability possible to all students.

You'd agree that not all university scholars attend their classes at the scheduled time. Some skip them completely; however, the mobile apps monitor the resumption and entrance time possible for teachers.


With the integration of technology in our day-to-day life, everything works better and faster now. Virtual learning and other educational technology innovations contribute to the overall development of learning.

Most importantly, the use of android apps for learning adds flexibility, mobility, and accessibility to the benefits of digital technology in education. Get one of those apps today for an enhanced learning experience!