Depending on the type of activity of the company, its resources can provide services in the fields of eCommerce, business-to-business, information, media, or real estate. The development of Internet portals can pursue different goals. We are going to discuss how these portals can help your business and why b2b web portal development services can increase your income. However, at first, it’s important to understand how all types of web portals work. 

Let’s start with an e commerce portal. You need to understand that any site that allows you to carry out purchase and sale transactions can be considered as an eCommerce portal. Such a site can be both an ordinary online store and a large marketplace with unusual functionality.

B2B portal – since any business is tied to communication, using a B2B portal takes it to a new level, simplifying and speeding up interaction with other companies. The development of a web portal can be focused on creating a resource for working with wholesale orders or online stores

The service portal is focused on providing various service opportunities to its visitors. Some platforms provide services to individuals, others to companies. With the help of service portals, businesses can obtain information about the specifics of the work, potential suppliers and customers, etc.

In addition, the portal for the real estate market allows you to solve many tasks of renting, buying, or selling objects. It can be a platform for realtors, an open bulletin board, a website of the RC, or a construction holding.

Media Portal is a resource where the user can watch and listen to various content: videos, photos, and music. The development of such a web portal is primarily focused on high-quality technologies for online playback of various video and audio formats.

Advantages of B2B portals in the business sphere

Statistics show that a company can’t sell enough products to one buyer, B2B portal software has become the most effective solution to this task.  Such a resource has its advantages:

  • A password protects participants, and data is protected by encryption codes;
  • Sellers can visualize the company's products in the catalog;
  • Work with both small trading partners and large companies;
  • The ability to connect with new trading partners;
  • The portal allows trading partners to place orders at their discretion 24/7 and use any payment system.

However, the development of a B2B portal is much more difficult than the creation of ordinary sites. Therefore, it is better to contact professionals who have experience, for example, Digiteum, they can provide you with the best service on the market. 

Stages of B2B web portal development

Before developing the web portal, it is important to determine the tasks that it will undertake. For example, it can be a business card site. It carries only general information but leaves the possibility for communication with customers.

However, today companies use an elaborate site structure with a list of services, their description, and tariffs. More often, they are organized as an online store.

The first 3 stages of B2B site development

After defining the task, you need to start developing the portal. The first stage is traffic generation. There are several options for attracting customers:

  • SEO promotion is the creation of a semantic core in order to increase traffic and further generate income;
  • PR — advertising of the company on third-party resources.

The company's blog is a separate section of the site, which allows not only to expand the number of requests but also to help customers understand complex issues.

The second stage is design, CMS, and content development. The main rule is to focus on clarity and comprehensibility for the user. In this case, you can turn to designers, webmasters and copywriters.

The last step is conversion. The site should generate leads by redirecting all incoming traffic to landing pages, from there to the registration form where the visitor leaves their contact. Then marketers continue to work until the moment of their transformation into a buyer.

The lead database is collected when a potential client leaves their data in the contact form. However, today, sites use a simpler method — push notifications. Of course, for positive results, it is important to involve different marketing channels, taking into account the characteristics of the target audience and its requests.

Basic requirements for a B2B portal

The main purpose of a B2B site is customer-supplier interaction. That is why the portal should:

  • Have a simple and clear functionality, as well as a pleasant design;
  • Support electronic data exchange;
  • Provide access to the history of past orders;
  • Have a client-specific product;
  • Support various currency units;
  • Allow step-by-step order tracking.

To successfully promote your product, you have to create a really effective platform for interaction with customers.

What is important to do before developing a b2b web portal?

First of all, prepare the 1C accounting system for integration work. We believe that the first thing you need to do and pay attention to is your accounting system (mainly this is a 1C software product or, as it is now, according to the new BAS) in which management accounting is kept.

We remind you that the b2b portal itself is, in fact, a mirror image of all business processes taking place inside the supplier company, only made in the form of a web wrapper, thanks to integration works with the web platform. And therefore the importance is that this web wrapper is then given access to its partners for ease of work and simplified interaction with the supplier company.

Write a thesis technical task (TOR)

For full-fledged writing of such a document, if we are talking about a rather complex development such as a b2b portal, then it is worth noting that it can take quite a long time.

Decide on the Executor (developer of the b2b portal)

This point is very important, you need to understand who should be entrusted with such a responsible project as a b2b portal. However, in short, it is worth noting that it is not easy to find a sufficiently competent team of experts in the field of developing such solutions. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to the experience of other companies, here without a doubt you will appreciate the work of Digiteum, because it is one of the companies that have shown the best results in the portal development market.