Google Glass, Best Innovation of the year 2012
In 2012, Google introduced a new intelligent invention which became the year’s best innovation; Google Glass. Google Glass came to ease our life routine tasks and its main objective is to develop Augmented Reality. In fact it is there to remove the need of hands for interacting gadgets (tablet, smart phones, etc.). Actually it is itself a new kind of gadget and requires new types of applications, new ideas and needs to be worked on. It is not officially released yet, but you can order the developer version at 1500$. Here we are to describe some of the Google Glass features, starting by providing more info about Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality is an audio and visual environment giving us more information than what we can simply feel with our 5 senses.  Augmented Reality would change your point of view to the world around you. Using this system, you will face bunch of new information that can be visually seen and audibly heard. The idea was first introduced by Boeing employee, Thomas Caudill in 1990.  

Google Glass, How does it work?
Google Glass uses Android OS; it has a 0.5 inch display over the eye (left or right), displaying information on the reality you see. It has a camera and as of now, like Google Now, it accepts only voice orders, but maybe we could have a virtual keyboar d in a near future to operate the device much easier. The possibility of making phone calls using the Google Glass has been confirmed by the Head Project, Babak Parviz. See some information about the device specifications below:

  • 5 megapixel camera
  • 720 video recording
  • 802.11b/g Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • 16GB flash memory storage
  • Micro USB port

What would Google Glass do for us?
Using this wearable technology, it is easy to access everything in an instance of time. You don’t need to use your notebook or tablet to see weather situations, just look up in the sky and say Weather in London. What you will get is instant information on weather situations in a city like London (or any other city that you like). You can also ask Google Glass about traffic, nearest route to the office, chat with friends, play music and many other things. As mentioned earlier, Google Glass is not officially released yet and there is only a version for development purposes. Google clarified that the application programming interface (API) for Google Glass and the standard set of codes that developers can use to build apps for the service, is a new API called “Mirror.”

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