Whether you are a gaming enthusiast or a hardcore gamer, you should know that the amount of memory affects the overall performance of your personal computer. Insufficient memory on your device can affect and spoil your gaming experience.

The purpose of this article is to share awareness and to inform readers about the importance of having knowledge about RAM. Random Access Memory or RAM is a temporary storage of data that holds information necessary for your computer's access. 

How Does RAM Affect the Performance of Your Computer?
If your computer's RAM is faster than accessing information on your hard disk drive (HDD) or solid-state drive (SDD), then loading the game is also going to be fast and reading the game's date is quicker. For instance, if you are to launch a game on your desktop or personal computer, all the necessary and relevant data that your computer needs to access will be loaded to your PC's RAM. Here are two things that affect your computer’s performance and determine whether you spoil or enjoy your gameplay.

Insufficient memory of your PC results to poor performance
Insufficient memory will affect the performance of a computer and this is important to consider especially when you want to experience a high-quality and realistic gaming experience. If you are serious in finishing a game and playing it seamlessly, then you would not tolerate lagging or slow response times and computer glitches during the momentum of your gameplay. If these things happen to your PC, then you might want to consider adding memory.

Sufficient memory means faster loading times and responsiveness
Sufficient memory in your computer is important if you want faster loading times while playing your favorite PC games. So, if you are looking into how to speed up computer windows 10 or buying a new PC for instance,  this RAM is one of the important factors you need to check if you want your game to load  faster and also if you want to enjoy a smooth gaming experience. RAM boosts the system's responsiveness and it enhances the frame rates too. 

Knowing how much memory your PC will need depends on the requirements of the games or type of games you are interested in playing. Take note of the memory needed for loading the game, or if it is necessary to use other applications simultaneously. 

RAM is only one of the components you need to consider when you want to enhance the overall performance of your desktop or personal computer. You also need to check the GPU, VRAM, HDD/SDD, the graphics card, and the central processing unit (CPU) of your PC to ensure a smooth gameplay.

What is the Amount of Memory Necessary for Gaming?
You are safe to build or upgrade your existing system, or select a computer with 16 GB RAM for high-quality gaming, if it is your first time to purchase your gaming PC.

Lagging, slower response rates, and poor gaming experience are the usual results of using a computer that has insufficient memory and this spoils the gaming experience. Some games require higher RAM so it is necessary to take note of the game's system requirements. 

How does RAM speed affect Your PC's Frame Rate?
The frame rate or frames per second (FPS) refers to the rate of frames and the measurement of its speed in a second. Adding RAM to your system could increase your PC's frame rate, resulting in smoother performance, high-quality video content and enhanced gaming experience. The faster the RAM, the more likely your PC's frame rate will also get faster. Also, this means the lower the amount of RAM or the more insufficient memory, the lower the FPS resulting to spoil your gameplay.   

Other Factors to Check for Your Smooth Gaming Experience
Aside from RAM, there are also other factors to consider for your PC's smooth gaming experience and in this section, we want to include the GPU and VRAM. The graphics processing unit (GPU) and video RAM or (VRAM) are other important components of your computer. The GPU contains the built-in RAM, which is the VRAM. 

GPU - The GPU is the specialized circuit that functions to boost graphics or images.

VRAM - VRAM is the storage of graphical data which allows access to the GPU in a flash.

The VRAM is always utilized when loading games. Hence, an improvement to your PC's VRAM capacity could easily be observed through the noticeable alteration and enhancement of your computer's gaming experience and PC performance.

Ideally, 6 to 8 GB is enough VRAM within a GPU. However, if you are really on a tight budget, a 4 GB will also suffice if you are gaming via 1080p., but it will not be as good as the 8 GB VRAM. 

Sufficient memory means faster loading times and responsiveness. Insufficient memory of your PC results in poor performance. So, it is important to check if your computer matches the required RAM memory of the game you want to play, otherwise, it will spoil your gaming experience. On the other hand, to ensure your seamless gameplay, you can opt to add RAM memory to your existing system.