What is rooting:

If you have ever used an android device, you might have heard  the word Root. In vocabulary, root means source, but in the gadget world, it refers to a deep access to all android system sources. As you might know, many features in android are restricted due to several reasons like: preventing any kind of damages to the device, existing of backdoor (used by manufacturer) and etc. Root is the process of removing all these restrictions, to have access to the whole system sources. Just like an Administrator account in windows. When a device is rooted, users can then have a vast control over the device settings, performances or any hidden and unhidden features.

How to root an Android device:
Rooting process is different depending on the type of the device which is going to be rooted. Like Sony Xperia and Samsung Galaxy series which have different instructions for rooting. But generally, two sources are required to root an android device: first, the device driver which should be installed, then downloading a specific application (or file) according to the gadget type.

Rooting benefits:

  • Better device functionality: As default, there are some apps in android which might not be used very often by the user but may consume much hardware sources (known as Crapwares or Bloatwares). But when the device is rooted, it is easy to remove these apps and free resources which lead to better device functionality and preventing battery drain.
  • Overclocking: Overclocking refers to the process of increasing processor frequency, which is mostly used on desktop computers. Now with a rooted device, overclocking becomes possible on android gadgets.
  • Installing specific apps: Some apps require root access in order to be installed. Like: super user, USB mass storage, etc.
  • Installing custom ROMs: One of the best features of having a rooted device is the ability to install unofficial ROMs known also as Custom ROMs which are made by professional developers and hackers. These kind of ROMs gives you more features, abilities and efficiency.
Rooting disadvantages:
  • Device guarantee will immediately be invalidated.
  • There is always this high risk of Breaking the device, in which your device would stop functioning anymore.

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