Are you thinking about creating a mobile app for your business? There are a few things you need to take into account, and if you don't take them into account, you're likely to find the app less effective and more useful.

Choose the right platform and technology

Choosing the right platform is the first step to successfully promoting an app. Here you should consider the target audience of the product and the country in which it will be launched.

Native and hybrid (cross-platform) applications have their pros and cons. Hybrid is ideal for visually rich applications (e.g., games) and simple applications without deep hardware, while native is ideal for complex products that need high security and performance. The choice of platform will greatly affect the cost of developing a mobile app.

Application quality

The cost of app development is an investment in the future. It will take you a lot of time and money to get a decent product, but the result is worth it. A good app can become successful, positively affect the company's image, and increase the inflow of new customers. If you intend to get your own mobile app, don't skimp. Contact those who you trust, it must be experienced software development for startups company like Redwerk, who can provide a portfolio and do not promise to make a complex product with a unique design in a week.


The first impression for an app is very important, so UI-UX design should be given special attention. Users will not give a second chance to an app that is visually unattractive or awkward. An app's interface should be simple and functional, evoking positive emotions in users. Otherwise, the app won't last more than a few minutes on mobile devices.

Target audience

It is important to know your target audience well so that the app can best meet the needs and desires of those for whom it is intended. Meeting user expectations is one of the keys to success.

Release in a few steps

Managing product versions will he lp you save the number of downloads. Before the final release, decide which features and functionality you will launch in the first version and which you will add in subsequent releases. User feedback on the first version will allow you to take the shortcomings into account and optimize the application, which will make a good impression, because you are listening to your customers.


Developing a good mobile app requires significant costs, monetization will allow you to cover them. You can make the app completely free, but include ads or make a few features available only in the paid version. However, this is only relevant for those who don't sell goods/services through their app.

Testing is essential.

The quality of any mobile app is based on many aspects of the development process. Despite the fact that testing is performed at every stage, you should not give up on checking the finished app. This procedure is needed not only to identify bugs and errors but also to learn how the app works: how convenient and clear it is, how fast it works, etc.

Users can also take part in testing, for which they can be given small bonuses: a discount, a gift when ordering.

Promotion of the application

Immediately after adding an app to special stores (Play Market and App Store), you need to promote it. If you don't have enough knowledge and experience in mobile app promotion, it's better to entrust this task to professionals. You, on your part, can spread the word about the app release through your company's website, mailing list (if any) and social networks. This will attract interested users and help create a buzz around the product.

Need for updates

A huge plus of a great app is periodic updates. Users will be pleased if you add important and useful features from time to time, improving the product. Even if you don't have plans to add new functionality, it's important to keep track of changes in the industry and the mobile development world. This way you can ensure the availability and compatibility of the application on devices with the latest generation hardware and newer mobile operating systems. Maintenance activities should be carried out regularly and feedback from users is also important.