Nowadays, there are many popular email services. The most popular among them are Gmail and outlook. Both email service providers have their own benefits and risks. 

But one thing that people like about Outlook is that it stores data in a PST format. Gmail stores data on the cloud, and there’s always a possibility of losing it. The latter also has limited space. To resolve these shortcomings, people often use a Gmail to Outlook migration tool.

So if you’re looking to find a way to somehow export your emails from Gmail to a PST file format, you’re in the right place.

What is a PST File?
A file with a .pst extension, for example, microsoft.pst, is an Outlook Personal Information Store file that stores user data for people who use Microsoft. This includes messages, contacts, emails, attachments, and many other things.

How to Export a PST File From Gmail to Outlook?

Export PST File

The basic requirements for exporting a PST file are: 
1. Have a Google Account to access Gmail.
2. Have an Outlook Account.

Step 1: Configure IMAP Settings Via Gmail Account Settings
So to easily download our PST file, we’re going to be making use of IMAP/POP Settings. IMAP is a feature that allows you to access your email account without downloading anything. 

So follow the steps below carefully to export your emails to a PST file successfully. 

1. Go to
2. Log in to your Gmail account.
3. Open the settings tab.
4. Look for POP/IMAP Settings.
5. Open IMAP Access Section.
6. Check the Enable IMAP selection.
7. Save Changes by clicking the button.

Configure IMAP Settings

Now we’re finished with one part of the guide. For the next part, make sure you have downloaded the Outlook App or chosen the website. Also, ensure that you have a working account.

Step 2: Change IMAP Configuration of Gmail in Outlook
You need to f ollow the following steps to create a pst file and save your data from Outlook. 

1. Go to or launch your MS Outlook App. 
2. Choose the file option in the top left corner.
3. Find the option to “add an account.”
4. You’ll be given two choices, tap on “manual setup or additional server types.”
5. You need to select the IMAP/POP button from the list and click next.
6. In this step, you need to create an IMAP account.
 • Add your full name.
 • Enter your email address (Gmail account).
 • Choose IMAP as your account type.
 • In the incoming mail server, copy and paste
 • In the outgoing mail server, copy and paste
 • Enter the name you’ll be using for your account.
 • Create a strong password.
 • You need to select “more settings” from the bottom right side.
8. Go to the “outgoing server” tab.
9. Choose the option for “my outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.”
10. Switch to the next tab with the title “advanced.”
11. You need to configure some settings.
 • For incoming server (IMAP), type 993 or 143
 • Choose SSL/TLS as your encryption type for both incoming and outgoing servers.
 • The outgoing server (SMPT) should be set at 465 or 587.
12. Click on “OK,” and you’re almost done. Wait for some time as your email configures.
13. Your PST file will be available at “C:\\Users\AppData\Local\MicrosoftOutlook\” the name of the file will be the same as your Gmail username.

How to Export a PST File From Gmail Via Third-Party Apps
Basic Requirements:
1. A Google Account to access Gmail.
2. A Gmail To Outlook Migration Tool. 

There are many third-party apps available to back up data from your Gmail account. The process happens automatically. You just need to initiate the task and sit back.

This article discussed some methods to export data from Google Mail into a PST file format. There are many reasons for this, like the risk of data loss and limited cloud space in Gmail. One solution is to archive Gmail PST in outlook. Data can be converted from Gmail into a PST file by using two methods.

The first method requires configuring an IMAP from Google account settings manually. It can result in some errors and takes some time. The second method makes use of a Gmail to Outlook Migration Tool. This method is fast and automatic.