Coming to online projects, many players immediately go to gain experience, but due to many mistakes, incorrectly distributed time and resources, they very quickly lose momentum and pump through the week what can be achieved in a day.

Today we will discuss how to level up using World of Warcraft as an example, beginner mistakes and what affects efficiency.

Starting the game, you need to decide on the class. Naturally, the chosen character will play an important role, if the choice falls on a support, then fast pumping is possible only if there are allies who can help in obtaining levels.

If we are talking about the very first character on the server, then you should start with classes that deal damage. Leave healers and other supports on the next characters. There is a small exception - if you really like the support class and want to start as a healer, then you should consider a small investment in WoW gold. Having bought basic equipment and weapons, you can quickly disperse your damage and quickly swing, even as a Priest.

It is also important to keep a balance - by quickly running through quests, the character may miss out on opportunities to earn extra money on consumables if you do not collect drops from monsters and ignore the places for gathering resources related to the profession.

The technique for effective pumping is simple:

  • We take a maximum of quests related to the location where we will be located.
  • We destroy the monsters by gathering them in one place in the crowd, unless of course the character's skills allow. If not, we destroy one by one.
  • We collect the drop and immediately run further. We are distracted only if a weapon fell out, or armor, which is an order of magnitude better than ours.

In the World of Warcraft, there is a nice moment with character leveling. It is not tied to a specific update and hunting zone. 

Due to the fact that the project was constantly evolving - updates were released regularly, but th e developers left the freedom of choice in character development. Of course, you will be offered a path that you can follow so that beginners do not rack their brains, but if you wish, you can pump in any hunting zones that suit your level - WoW is as varied as possible in this regard. 

The main way of pumping is quests, the main thing is to take as many tasks as possible in the hunting zone where you plan to go.

In the process of gaining levels in any game, you will receive a gradual increase in equipment through quests to feel comfortable, or you will knock out weapons and armor from killed monsters. 

Top tip - only pump damage, don't spend in-game gold to buy armor if it doesn't improve your monster-killing speed. Armor and weapons in the process of leveling become obsolete too quickly to invest resources in them, and top-end equipment will require considerable investment and investment of time and gold.

Your main goal is to quickly gain levels, but other players will not always allow you to do this. The player’s task is not to join PVP for spots with other players, if this will obviously slow down your progress, sometimes it’s easier and faster to go to another zone and complete the quest there than to constantly participate in PVP or share experience with other players, because you attack the same and the same monsters.

PVP will still be enough for you in the future, and pushing on spots will turn an hour of pumping into two or more.

In addition to leveling in hunting zones, it is most effective to level in dungeons. Ideally, if you gather a group of like-minded people and go through all the available dungeons. The main thing is not to forget to take all the accompanying tasks and then pumping will be fast and fun, due to the constant action. In this leveling format, your class is absolutely not important. Here, the role of a support would be even more preferable, since there are a lot of damage dealers, and there are always not enough healers.

As for the Damage dealer, it's important to bring at least one good support with you so that farming goes smoothly. Keep an eye on the supports and bring maximum DPS to the opponents.