Apple added the Night Shift feature in the iOS 9.3 release to iPhone and iPad devices, so the display’s colors get warmer in the evening based on the time and your location. There are several apps to get iOS’s night shift on Android devices, which some of them do the job very well.

Here are some of the apps that add the Night Shift Mode to Android devices: Night Shift: Blue Light Filter, Twilight, Eye Filter - Blue Light Filter, Night Owl - Screen Dimmer, and Bluelight Filter - Night Mode.

As you can say by the name of these apps, The Night Shift mode dims the screen at certain times, changes the color to warmer colors and acts like an eye filter so you feel less tired and as Apple says, fall asleep harder.

If you want to have control of everything about the exposure to blue light on your Android device, then you should try the Twilight app. You can easily set your location and the app changes the display’s color based on the sunrise and sunset times. The free version of Twilight is really worth a try and we won’t be surprised if you jump to the paid version after a few days of using the free version.


If you are looking for an app with less features, go for the Eye Filter (Blue light filter). The app is very similar to the Night Shift mode on iOS 9.3 devices and is recommended to those who want to manually set the times to adjust the color of the display. The screen dims at night (at your given time) and the colors changes to your preferred color. Eye Filter is free and comes with no ads.


So, if you are looking for a rich-featured Night Shift app, try the Twilight and if you are looking for a simple yet very productive Night Shift app, try the Eye Filter. Twilight is also recommended to those who are not willing to manually change the settings and prefer everything to be done automatically.

Step-by-Step Guide to Add Night Shift Mode to your Android Device:

If you’ve chosen the Eye Filter as your screen dimmer app, here is a step-by-step guide to get iOS’s Night Shift on Android devices:

Step1: Download and install the Eye Filter from the Google Play Store and open it

Step2: The app is as simple as it looks. First of all , toggle on the Eye Filter button on the top of the screen.

Step3: Adjust the opacity and specify the color. Available options are: Black, Warm Grey, and Brown

Step4: You can also use the Time Schedule settings to automatically turn on / turn off this mask over the screen at given times.


If you’ve chosen the Twilight app, then you need to do as follows to adjust the display’s colors:

Step1: Download and install the Eye Filter from the Google Play Store and open it

Step2: Change the Color Temperature, Intensity, and Screen Dim using the slider buttons.

Step3: Now it’s time to set the filter times. Available options are: Always, Sunset to Sunrise, Alarm, and Custom.

If you want to turn on the Night Shift mode based on the sun’s position, you need to go to the Sun & Location and set your location (manually or automatically).

Step4: When you have adjusted everything, simply press the Start button on the top of the screen.