Today, more users than ever are streaming content through their computers and mobile devices. Twitch, which was founded in 2011, currently dominates the field of streaming gameplay, with over 10 million users active on its platform every day. More than 2 million users use Twitch to create their own streaming content, often using Twitch's affiliate or partner programs to earn a full-time living from their streams.


Users have to obtain a specific number of views and followers before being allowed to monetize their content. The challenge is getting people to not only watch the content but also to add the stream to the list of channels they are following. For anyone who is new to the Twitch platform, this is a difficult hurdle to overcome - particularly if the person operating the channel doesn't have a background in publishing and promoting streaming content, it can also be tough if you’re trying to get the 50 followers needed to be Twitch verified.


If you want to be successful on Twitch, it is important to learn what users are and aren't looking for. Below are some of the most common reasons why people opt out of watching specific streams along with some helpful advice on how to get more views and followers for your content.


Mistake #1 - Failing To Turn On Your Camera

Twitch users typically find new streamers that they want to follow by looking through a list of available content on the Twitch app or website. When searching for live streams, users are presented with a list of thumbnail images that are captured directly from the streams. Oftentimes, people use these thumbnails as the sole deciding factor when determining which channels they want to watch. Unfortunately, the thumbnails often look identical to one another - especially if users are looking at streams for the same game. To create an eye-catching thumbnail, consider turning your camera on.

Using your camera will help differentiate your thumbnail from all of the others that are out there. It will also help make your stream seem more authentic. Users like to see the person behind the stream since it provides them with a deeper sense of connection. When you put yourself out there, it is a lot easier to get people to watch your streams and to follow your account.

Take action: When recording your stream, make sure to turn on your camera. The camera's footage will show up in a small box that should be positioned in one of the top corners of the screen. Avoid placing the box at the bottom of the screen since this area is covered by the title and description when the thumbnail is viewed through the Twitch app or site.


Mistake #2 -Failing To Create Exciting Content

Even if you are playing the most exciting game in the world, you won't be able to engage Twitch viewers unless you add your own unique content to the mix. People want to watch streams that are fun and interesting - not just for the gameplay but also for the personality of the person who is playing.

Talking while streaming is essential. Even if you don't ha ve anyone participating in your Twitch chat, you should still talk as you play. People want to see someone who is active - not just someone looking straight ahead with a blank expression on their face. If you are having trouble coming up with something to say, all that you have to do is talk about the thoughts that are going through your head while you play. If you are facing a particular challenge, try verbalizing some of the solutions that you are thinking about. If people start watching your stream, invite them to join in or ask them questions that will get them to engage. The key is to create interest by continuously staying active during your stream.

Take action: One way to get more activity on your account is by partnering with a friend. Ask them to join your chat prior to beginning your broadcast. That way, you will instantly have someone to chat with when your stream starts. It is also important to purchase a high-quality headset for gaming so that the sound quality on your stream is excellent.


Mistake #3 - Being Overly Offensive

Twitch doesn't have a lot of rules in place regarding profanity - especially compared to some of the other streaming services that are out there. Even though there aren't a lot of restrictions, you should still avoid being overly offensive when broadcasting. If you swear a lot, you probably won't offend most adults who are watching your channel. However, if any kids or families are watching, they likely will go elsewhere.

Similarly, you should avoid saying anything that could alienate your audience such as making comments that are sexist or racist or that could be construed as being homophobic. It goes without saying that you are in charge of the content that you create. However, if you want to grow your audience as large as possible, you should avoid driving away potential viewers by keeping any potentially offensive content in check.

Take action: Go back through some of your previous streams and listen to them as if you are hearing them for the first time. Think about how a parent would feel watching the stream with their child. Is any of your content offensive to a particular group of people? If necessary, make changes to how you create your content to avoid inadvertently offending anyone.


Mistake #4 - Spending Too Much Time On One Challenge

When you play video games by yourself, you probably spend a lot of time working through problems or challenges. When you are streaming, however, you need to be thinking less about yourself and more about your viewers. Even though you may be actively engaged in trying to solve a problem, it can quickly grow tiresome for your viewers if you aren't making any progress. The last thing anyone wants to do is sit around for an hour watching someone go over the same thing again and again. Chances are, people will simply go elsewhere to find more engaging content if you spend too much time stuck in one place.

Take action: Try to limit yourself to spending no more than 15 minutes on any particular part of a game. If that amount of time elapses and you haven't made any progress, you should try switching things up by moving into a different mode or opting for a different game. You can always perfect your skills on your own time rather than making your viewers sit through a potentially boring session.