As social networks grow and smartphones’ cameras enhance, chances of having duplicate pictures increase. And after a while you have lots of pictures stored in the phone’s storage without caring about duplicates or not having enough time to manually remove duplicate photos on Android devices. On the other side, there are several apps that automatically find and delete pictures that are the same and save you lost of time and storage.

If you search for the “Duplicate Photos Remover Apps” on the Play Store, lots of apps will appear with claiming to be the best and most efficient tool to remove duplicate picture. Some of the best apps in this category (deleting duplicate photos and pictures from internal and external memory) are:

Duplicate File Finder-Remover

Search Duplicate File(Super)

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Duplicate Photos Remover

Duplicate Photos Fixer

These duplicate remover apps will get the job done for you, and some of them even identify duplicate files other than pictures and delete them. In the following, we show you how to remove duplicate photos on Android devices using the Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro application. We found this free app to be very accurate and fast which comes with a nea t and simple user interface. It supports both the internal and external storage and you can decide whether to scan your entire device, a specific folder or just the camera folder.


To get duplicate photos removed from your Android device, do as follows:


1. Open the Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro app on your device

2. Choose the type of scan: Camera Images, Full Scan, or Select Folder

** Note that, if your device is running Android Marshmallow, you need to grant the app the permission to access photos, media, and files on your device.

3. Now, wait for the app to scan your photos stored in your device and automatically find any duplicate photos stored.

** The more pictures to be scanned, the more time to take for process

4. When scan is finished, you should see your duplicate pictures in different groups and you can decide whether to keep the duplicate photo or remove it from that group.

** To avoid deleting all your photos from any group accidentally, you have to select at least one picture from any group.

5. After deciding which picture to delete and which duplicate picture to keep, simply press the Delete button on the bottom right of the screen and YOU ARE ALL Done.


As you see, you just saved lots of storage by doing a few simple steps and we recommend you to remove your duplicate picture periodically.