What does scheduling Instagram posts mean? These apps to schedule Instagram posts on Android, get access to your Instagram account and let you save a draft of your future Instagram posts and remind you with notifications at the given times. In other words, you select the photo to upload to your Instagram account, type a caption and specify the time of publishing. These Instagram scheduling apps will remind you at that time, so you can confirm what you’ve already drafted.

Note that due to Instagram’s API restrictions, no services or apps are able to automatically send a post instead of you, and you have to do it manually.

Surprisingly there aren’t so many apps to schedule Instagram posts on Android, and among the existing apps, some of them are really terrible. Publish-On Twitter & Instagram and Later - Schedule for Instagram are the only 2 apps we have found to be very useful and reliable. Both of these apps are free to use and use the same logic: You drag your post inside these apps, specify the time of publish, being notified with a notification, open the drafted post in Instagram, do necessary changes, and Publish it.

So, let’s see what these 2 Instagram scheduler apps offer:


Later - Schedule for Instagram.

Download From Google Play

Later (aka Latergramme), uses a simple and easy to use interface. After logging in with your Instagram account and providing an email address, the main view of the app opens with two tabs: Media Library and Schedule. You just need to hit the Add button, take a picture or select a photo from gallery, write a caption, select the time and date to post, and wait for the time to come.

I tested this service and didn’t have any issue with it, except one issue. I couldn’t take a photo using the camera to post it on Instagram, and I had to use the existing photos from the Gallery.


What I liked most about the Later was the interface, the option to manage the already scheduled Instagram posts and its support for multiple accounts.

What I didn’t like about Later, was the bug when using the camera (as mentioned), and also sometimes there were delays before the scheduling post notification to arrive. The delays were at most 3 minutes.


Publish-O n Twitter & Instagram

Download From Google Play

Publish (aka TakeOff), does exactly what Later offer to do. Like the Later, it supports multiple accounts and lets you keep a drag of your Instagram posts and let you post them later at the given times. There is also an option called Publish at the best time, which queues the post automatically for your best time to post. There is an odd thing about Publish, which doesn’t let you pick any time for your scheduled Instagram posts and the minute ticker must be a multiple of 15. In other words, you cannot specify to publish an Instagram post, tomorrow at 16:17, and instead you have to choose between 16:15 or 16:30.


And I also couldn’t find a menu to see my already scheduled Instagram posts. When I was testing the app for the first time, due to the lack of Scheduling tab and limitation on setting the time, I just couldn’t find out whether the app is working or not. I just had to wait for the time to come.

Step-by-step guide to show How to Schedule Instagram Posts on Android:

If we are to pick an app between Later and Publish to publish Instagram scheduled posts, Later will be our choice. So let’s do this step-by-step guide using the Later app:

Step1. Open Later - Schedule for Instagram on your Android device

Step2. Sign in with your Instagram account, and provide the app with your email address. (You may need to grant the Instagram access as well)

Step3. Tap the ADD button on the bottom right side of the screen, and select a photo from the library

Step4: Wait for the picture to be uploaded and then touch it

Step5: Hit the Create A Post button

Step6: Crop the photo and write a caption, and hit the Next button

Step7: Now, specify whether to post the picture now, or at certain time in the future

Step8: Pick the exact date and time to publish your Instagram post

Step9: Your post is ready to be sent at the given time

Step10:  When the give time comes, you’ll be notified with a reminder

Step11: Tap the notification to open the Later app, and then you’ll be redirected to the Instagram app.

Note that the Picture will be automatically added to your post in the Instagram interface, and the caption will be copied to the clipboard. So you have to paste the caption manually.