The screen size of an Android phone is so small compared to a monitor and no wonder you want to share Android screen with PC over WiFi or using a USB cable, to see the screen of your Android phone in a bigger screen in real time. The good news is, you don’t need to root your device and this broadcasting is done without root.

So, what you are going to need to stream Android screen to PC are:

  • A USB cable or a stable wireless network (we are using a WiFi network to share screen to PC)
  • An updated web browser or the VLC program installed on your desktop computer
  • Download and install the latest version of Screen Stream Mirroring on your Android device


Now, let’s get started:

Step1: Make sure both your PC and your Android device are connected to the same WiFi network. It’s recommended to use a stable wireless network with the least possible connected users to avoid any lags.

Step2: Run the Screen Stream Mirroring on your Android device. (Note that the free version supports add and comes with some time limitation when streaming, but the paid version has no limitation with no ads).

Step3: Hit the Start Now, if you are asked whether to let the Screen Stream Mirroring start capturing everything that’s displayed on your screen. (mark the Don’t show again option as well).

Step4: If you are going to mirror Android screen to PC using a web browser, hit the 3-small-line button on the left side of the screen, tap the Web Browsers option and remember the given mirroring address.

Step5: Now open the web browser (like Chrome) on your PC and type the mirroring address given in Step4.

Step6: Wait for about a few seconds and the connection is established and from now on, your PC will function as a Dual window showing anything you do on your Android device.


Tip1: If you are going to stream Android screen with PC using VLC program, tap the VLC media player / OBS option and then write down the TCP address. Then open the VLC on your PC, go to Media followed by the Open Network Stream option and type the given address under the Network Protocol settings.

Tip2: You can change the video streaming quality, by tapping the 3-small-line button on the left side of the screen, scrolling down to the Screen Stream Mirroring settings, going to the Preferences, scrolling down to the Video Preferences and adjust the Resolution (Display size can be set to 1080p Full HD, 720 HD or lower resolutions), Encoding bitrate, and Framerate.

Tip3: If you are going to present something from your Android device using the mirrored monitor, it is better to enable the Show Touches option to view visual feedback on the PC when touching the Android screen. The Show Touches option can be found under the Video Preferences (See Tip2)

Tip4: If you are going to rotate the screen of your Android device during the mirroring, make sure the Auto Rotate option is toggled on (Find the button under the Video Preferences).


Note1: You cannot interact with your Android phone, using this method

Note2: If your Android devices is Not running Android Lollipop or later, you have to install and download a startup tool.  Otherwise there is no need to install anything on your PC.

Note3: Your Android device doesn’t need to be rooted to be able to share Android screen to PC.