HTC 10’s camera delivers the best among HTC devices and these HTC 10 Camera Tips and Tricks helps you launch the camera quicker and capture perfect shots will less efforts. So, let’s try these tips and tricks for the HTC 10’s camera to get the most out of the dial OIS feature, as well the laser autofocus and capturing high quality shots in low light conditions:


01. Different ways to launch the camera on HTC 10

Other than touching the camera icon on the home screen (or from the app drawer), you can use a motion gesture to open the Camera app when the screen is locked and OFF. To open the camera while the screen is turned OFF, do as follows:

Step1: Open the Settings app

Step2: Go to the Display, Gestures & Buttons settings (Under the Phone settings)

Step3: Scroll all the way down to the Gestures settings and touch to open the Motion Launch Gestures settings

Step4: Make sure the “Swipe Down Twice to Open the Camera” feature is marked.

Step5: Now, all you need to do to open the Camera on HTC 10 is picking up your phone and swipe down the screen twice.

TIP:  To launch the camera quickly from the home screen on HTC 10: Place the Camera shortcut next to the app drawer button to access the camera shortcut on the lock screen. Now, on the lock screen, press and hold your finger on the Camera icon and drag and drop it on the screen to launch the camera app.


02: Different way to capture a shot

The easiest way to take photos is touching the Shutter button on the bottom center of the screen. But there are also some other ways to capture a shot on HTC 10:

01. Use volume buttons: Volume button can be used as the Shutter button or to Zoom in/out. Open the camera app, touch the 2-line button on the top, on the top bar swipe right, and touch the Settings to open the Camera’s Settings. Touch the Volume Button Options and select the Capture option

02. Touch the Screen: The touch area to capture a shot can be as large as the HTC 10’s screen. Go to the Camera’s Settings (2-line button > Swipe > Settings), hit the Camera Options and mark the Touch to Capture option

03. Use your Voice: Say “Cheese” or “Capture” to take a shot. To enable this feature, go to the Camera’s Settings, followed by the Camera Options and make sure the Voice Capture option is marked. (You need to grant some permissions to the Speak app and download a language pack to use this voice to capture feature)

04. Just Smile: The face and smile recognition feature, lets you take selfies or normal shots at the cost of a small smile. On the Camera Settings, go to the Camera Options and make sure to mark both the “Auto Smile Capture” and “Auto Selfie Capture” options. Now, to take a selfie, hold still or just smile. (The Selfie camera must be activated in order to toggle on the Auto Selfie Capture option.)

05. Use a Timer: To setup a timer, tap the 2-small-line icon the top, and under the Photo mode, touch the Timer icon to set a time. Now, you are good to go.



03. How to disable and turn off Shutter Sound?

The shutter sound is enabled by default and can be easily disabled and turned off. If your HTC 10 is in the Silent mode, then you don’t need to worry about the sound. But for Normal sound profile, do as follows to turn off shutter sound on HTC 10 Camera:

Step1: Open the Camera app

Step2: Hit the 2-small-line icon on the top center of the screen

Step3: On the top menu, hit the Settings button (You may have to swipe right)

Step4: Make sure to unmark the Shutter Sound option


04. Change the Storage from Internal to External memory

If you have already inserted a memory SD card to your HTC 10, you can easily specify to save your shots to this expandable memory. Open the Camera Settings and touch the Storage option and select the External memory.


05. Save the location of photos when capturing

The Geo tagging feature lets you save the location of your photos and view them in the gallery based on the location. To enable Geo-Tagging do as follows:

Step1: Open the Settings app (Not the Camera Setting, your device’s settings)

Step2: Under the Personal settings, go to the Location settings

Step3: And turn ON the Location Services option

Step4: Now launch the camera app and go to the Camera Settings (Hit the 2-small-line button, swipe the top menu and touch the Settings button)

Step5: Mark the Geo-Tag Photos option

Step6: From now on, the location will be automatically saved to your photos


06. Change Video and Photo capture quality

HTC 10’s rear camera can record video with different resolutions, including Full HD and 4K as well as the QVGA. To change the video quality, do as follows:

Step1: Open the Camera app

Step2: Touch the 2-small-line button on the top center of the screen to view camera modes

Step3: On the top menu, swipe to the Video button

Step4: Tap to enable it, and then tap the Quality button. The quality changes as you tap


TIP: To record videos with High-res Audio, simply make sure the corresponding button is toggled ON.

TIP: If you want to change the quality of video recording in Selfie mode, you need to first select the Selfie Video and then change the quality

On the other, to change the photo capture quality, you just need to enable the Photo Mode and then touch the quality button. Available options for capture still shots are: 12MP (4:3), 9MP (1:1), 9MP (16:9), 4MP (16:9), and 2MP (16:9).


07. What are the Manual effects and Settings on HTC 10’s Camera?

The PRO Mode on HTC 10’s camera, lets you change and adjust most of the settings manually. Manual focus, ISO and shutter speed, are some of the available tools in the Pro mode. And thanks to the simple UI, if you know a little bit about photography and be patient, you’ll finally figure out the correct settings for different conditions and environments.



08. How to save pictures in RAW Format?

Capturing and saving photos in RAW format is only available on the PRO mode, and to enable it you need to do as follows:

Step1: Open the Camera and make sure the PRO mode is enabled.

Step2: Now, tap the 2-small-line icon on the top, and hit the Format under the Pro button

Step3: Make sure the selected format is RAW (instead of JPG)


09. What are the other HTC 10 Camera Tips and Tricks and Features?

We covered almost everything about the camera on HCT 10. But there are some features worth to mention, including the option to record Slow Motion videos, careate Hyperlpase videos, Panorama shots, and the option to enable the HDR mode. You can also enable the Grid from the Camera Settings for better framing.