HTC 10, without any doubt, is the best HTC’s Android phone to date, and the good thing is that there is no significant negative point about it. After reviewing the HTC 10 First Impressions, here we have the HTC 10 Pros and Cons to see the advantages and disadvantages of this gorgeous looking phone.

Before getting started, we should admit that while HTC 10 is one of the 5 top Android phone in 2016, but it should be prepared for a heavy battle with Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, and Nexus 6p in the Android world.

HTC 10 Pros:

Design: Is there anyone who is not in love with the HTC 10’s design? The uni-body aluminum design, the high build quality, omission of the HTC logo in the front panel, and the chamfered edges are just few reasons to love the HTC 10 design. And trust us, it feels premium and stylish in hand, like no other phones.

OIS for Selfies: HTC 10 is the first mobile phone to feature the optical image stabilizer feature for the front camera. Since taking selfie are getting more popular, shooting less shaky photos seems to be very essential and useful.

Laser Auto Focus and High Camera Quality in Low-Light: HTC 10 focuses fast and take some great shots in low light environments. If your current phone is HTC M9 or A9, you’ll be surprised how HTC has improved in the Camera quality.

Software: HTC Sense is simple, eye-catching and provides everything you really need. But what we like most about the Software on HTC 10 is removing the duplicate apps on the launcher. In other words, you don’t see 2 apps with the same functionality in HTC 10. For example, HTC Gallery has been removed in favor of Google Photos, but the default email client is HTC’s own Email app.

Solid Battery Life: It’s 2016 and battery life is still an issue. HTC claimed that on an overage usage, HTC 10 will last for 2 days. Our tests showed that, HTC 10 can easily last for one day, under a heavy usage and you should not worry about the battery life at all. And don’t forget about the Quick Charge 3.0 which will definitely come handy time to time.

Solid Performance: In 2016 if an Android device is called a Flagship then you shouldn’t be worried about a smooth and fast performance. And HTC 10 is no exception in this regard.

AirPlay Support: HTC 10 is the first Android device to officially the Apple’s standard streaming technology, AirPlay. If you own an AirPlay-enabled speaker, then it’s time to pair it with your HTC 10 and enjoy listening to music.


HTC 10 Cons:

No Water Proof: Well, while many users just don’t care about having a waterproof phone, there are still so many others who cannot think of a phone lacking this feature.

No Infra-Red: I still don’t know why manufacturers are not including the IR Blaster in their smart phones. LG G5 is the only 2016’s flagship which comes with this useful feature.

Camera Lags Sometimes: There is a touch gesture to open the HTC 10’s camera right from the lock screen and with the screen being OFF. We hate to say, but it is not fast at all and sometimes it is really frustrating and disappointing.

No Wireless Charging: As we mentioned in the HTC 10 Pros, you really don’t need a charger during the day, and if you do the Quick Charge feature along with the USB Type-C port bring some juice as fast as possible. BUT! It doesn’t mean, you don’t miss the wireless charging feature.

Boomsound Speakers are not as loud as expected: HTC is known by its Boomsound stereo speakers. While the Taiwanese tried to justify that the omission of front facing speakers (The one in the bottom) will not affect the audio quality, we have to disagree. The loudness is far from expectation and we believe HTC should find a way to bring back the stereo speakers without sacrificing the design. Note that, HTC 10 is still offering one of the best Audio experience between other smartphones.

Camera has been improved, but still needs improvements: HTC’s weakest link has always been the Camera quality in the past couple of years and they did their best to prove otherwise in the HTC 10. While we really agree with so many improvements in the camera quality, we still believe it cannot compete with S7, S7 Edge, Nexus 6p and LG G5.


HTC 10 Pros and Cons: Final Verdict

HTC 10 showed us that the HTC company has found the right track to success, but they are not running fast enough. While HTC 10 delivers almost perfect experience in many areas, we cannot think of some solid reasons why to choose it over the Galaxy S7 (Edge) or Nexus 6p.

If you are a fan of HTC and looking for an upgrade, we give you the green light even if you own the HTC One 9. If Design, Build Quality, and Audio Quality are your top 3 factors to buy a high-end Android phone, then HTC 10 is without any doubt your best choice. But while we are really in love with HTC 10 we cannot think of some solid reasons to recommend HTC’s 2016 flagship over the Nexus 6p, Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge.

We really loved the HTC 10, even its camera, but since there are some strong competitors in the market, we cannot really recommend it.