Initial setup is done as well as the things to change on HTC 10 for the first time. Now, it’s time for some HTC 10 Tips and Tricks to get the most out of HTC 10 hidden features and options. So, let’s get started:


01. How to take screenshots on HTC 10

Taking screenshots is usually one of the first things you want to try on your new phone. To capture the screen on HTC 10, simply press and hold the Power Button and Volume Down Key and wait for the shutter sound.

Tip: After taking the screenshot, drag down the notification bar and tap the screenshot notification to edit or share it. You can also find the screenshots under this path: Internal Storage > Pictures > Screenshots.

Tip: To turn off the shutter like sound when taking a screenshot, simply change the sound profile to Silent.


02. How to find the hidden file manager on HTC 10

Unlike Galaxy S7 or LG G5, HTC 10 doesn’t come with a file manager application by default. You can either install file manager apps from Play Store or do as follows to access the hidden file manager on HTC 10:

Step1: Open the Settings app

Step2: Scroll down to the Phone settings, and touch to open the Storage settings

Step3: Select your internal memory and look for the Explore item in the phone storage list

Step4: Tap the Explore option and you just accessed and opened the file manager on your HTC 10


03. How to Authorize installing apps from sources other than Google Play

By default, installing applications from sources other than the Play Store is disabled. Do as follows to be able to install APK files on your HTC 10:

Step1: Open the Settings app

Step2: Under the Personal settings, tap to open the Security settings

Step3: Scroll down to the Device Administrations settings, and make sure the Unknown Sources option is marked

Step4: From now on, you can install app from different sources. Be aware of the malwares when installing apps.


04. How to use the touch screen with Gloves?

The Glove Mode on HTC 10 lets you use your device and touch the screen while wearing gloves. To enable the Glove Mode do as follows:

Step1: Open the Settings app

Step2: Scroll down to the Phone settings

Step3: Touch to open the Display, Gestures & Buttons settings

Step4: Under the Display settings, make sure to mark the Glove Mode option


05. How to disable Auto Correction and Word Prediction while Typing?

Auto Correction and the Word Prediction features are enabled by default when using the default HTC 10 keyboard, TouchPal. To disable these two smart features, do as follows:

Step1: Open the Settings app

Step2: Scroll down to the Phone settings and open the Language & Keyboard settings

Step3: Tap the TouchPal – HTC Sense Version to open the keyboard’s settings (Find it under the Keyboard & Input Methods)

Step4: Open the Smart Input settings

Step5: Make sure to unmark Auto-Correction and Contextual Prediction options


06. How to Enable Head-up Notification for Messaging?

The Heads-Up Notification feature on HTC 10, shows you a preview of the new received message on the screen, so you don’t have to close the current open app to view your text message. To enable this preview message feature on HTC 10, do as follows:

Step1: Open the Messages app

Step2: Hit the 3-dot icon on the top right side of the screen, followed by the Settings.

Step3: Tap to open the Notifications settings

Step4: Under the Received Messages settings, make sure to enable the Heads-Up Notification option


07. How to Lock Apps on HTC 10 for disabling any unauthorized access?

There is a cool default feature on the HTC 10, which lets you lock apps and to use them you have to draw a pattern. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support the fingerprint to unlock apps. To lock apps on HTC 10, do as follows:

Step1: Open the Boost+ app on your phone

Step2: Tap to open the Lock Apps settings

Step3: Now, you are required to define a new Pattern to protect your locked apps

Step4: After that, the entire list of your apps (default and installed) will show and you just need to toggle any app to Lock it

Step5: From now on, if you open a locked app, you have to draw the defined pattern to access it


08. How to enable Motion Launch Gestures on HTC 10?< /span>

The motion launch gestures let you easily wake up your phone, access to Blinkfeed or home screen, launch the camera or simply unlock your phone when the screen is off using some gestures. Well, to enable Motion Launch Gestures on HTC 10, do as follows:

Step1: Open the Settings app and scroll to the Phone settings

Step2: Go to the Display, Gestures & Buttons settings

Step3: Scroll all the way down to the Gestures settings and tap to open the Motion Launch gestures settings

Step4: Now, there are 5 available gestures which can be enabled or disabled individually.


09. How to wake up the phone by tapping the fingerprint sensor?

The previous tip, showed you a way to wake the screen up by double tapping on it. But there is a much easier and more convenient way to turn on the screen on your HTC 10. You just need to tap the home screen button (fingerprint sensor) and the screen turns ON. This is very useful when you just want to check the notification on the lock screen, without unlocking it. And if you need to unlock your phone, you just need to hold your finger a little longer on the sensor.

Well, to enable the Wake up Screen by Tapping the home button feature, do as follows:

Step1: Open the Settings app

Step2: Scroll down to the Personal settings and open the Fingerprint Scanner settings (You may need to provide the unlock pattern to access the menu)

Step3: Now, make sure the Wake Up Screen feature is marked and toggled ON.


10. How to sort apps Alphabetically, Most Recently or Custom?

The app drawer can be sorted alphabetically, based on the date of apps installed, or custom. To change the apps’ sorts do as follows on your HTC 10:

Step1: Go to the App Drawer to view the list of all your applications

Step2:  Tap the Apps button on the top left side of the screen

Step3: Now select how you want to sort apps: Custom, Alphabetical or Most recent.

Tip: It’s obvious that you have no control when sorting apps alphabetically or most recently. But to rearrange apps when custom is selected, tap the 3-dot icon on the top right of the screen followed by Rearrange Apps option. And start changing the places of applications by press and holding on their icons and moving them.

Tip: To create a folder in the app drawer, change the sort type to Custom, and enable the Rearrange Apps mode. Now, simply drag and drop an app’s icon on another icon and the folder will be created automatically.


11. How to Show / Hide Apps on HTC 10?

Sometime you can’t or don’t want to disable or uninstall an app, and you just need to hide it in the app drawer. This feature is very useful when there is some bloatware which cannot be disabled or uninstalled and you just have to make peace with them. Well, to show / hide apps on HTC 10, do as follows:

Step1: Open the App Drawer on your HTC10

Step2: Hit the 3-dot icon on the top right, followed by the Show/Hide Apps option

Step3: Now, simply mark the applications you want to hide, and unmark the applications you want to show/unhide

Step4: Once you are finished, hit the Done button and your App Drawer should now look less cluttered.


12. How to use the LED Flash as Torch?

Well, using the flash as torch is as easy as pulling down the status bar and touching the Flashlight quick access button. There is also a separate Flashlight app in the app drawer.


13. How to Enable Wi-Fi Hotspot and share your mobile data?

The Portable Wi-Fi hotspot feature lets you share your mobile network with others in the range. To enable Wi-Fi hotspot on HTC 10, do as follows:

Step1: Open the Settings app

Step2: Hit the More option, under the Wireless & Networks settings

Step3: Touch to open the Mobile Network Sharing settings

Step4: Open the Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot setting (Touch the text) and hit the OK.

Step5: Here you need to do some first time setup, which include providing a name and password for your wireless network.

Step6: Now, use the slider button to toggle ON the WiFI Hotspot feature and others can join your network by providing the correct credentials.

A Battery Saving Tip: On the Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot settings, hit the 3-dot icon on the top right and go to the Advanced settings. Now, touch the Power Mode option and set it to turn off automatically after 5minutes of inactivity.


Are there still more HTC 10 Tips and Tricks? Of course yes. We have yet not covered the HTC 10 camera tips and tricks, as well as the home screen and lock screen settings and the way to change the themes and using freestyle themes. Stay with us.