HTC One accessories

Cell phone manufacturing companies usually design accessories for their devices too. These accessories are not available in cell phone package and are sold separately. HTC has designed some accessories for its latest and best Android device: HTC ONE.

  • HTC Stereo Headphones: this headphone is designed ergonomically so that using them is easy and convenient. This headphone is so light, and its size is suitable. On this headphone, there are 3 buttons for music control and a microphone. HTC claims that output sound of this headphone is wonderful.
  • HTC Bluetooth Stereo Headphones: using this headphone you can be connected to your phone by Bluetooth. Wonderful sound quality, noise reduction, ergonomic design and music control buttons, are some of this headphone features.
  • HTC One Hard Shell- Double Dip: this device is a 3 piece shell for HTC One which protects the device from strike and scratches and is available in 3 different colors.
  • HTC One Hard Shell- double Dip Flip: this is another shell for HTC One but it is made of leather and protects the screen from strikes.
  • HTC Battery Bar: this is a spare battery for HTC One that has 6000 mA capacity and can charge the battery for 2 times. This spare battery also can show battery charge level.
  • HTC Media Link HD: using this device, you can easily watch multimedia files on a bigger screen. This kit is equipped with HDMI slot.
  • HTC Bluetooth Stereo Clip: this device is a stereo adaptor for car and its output is AUX.
  • HTC Car Kit: this is a device for locating cell phone inside the car, which is adjustable. This device is mainly used for navigation in car. (What is HTC Car?)
All the mentioned accessories, as well as some other cool ones can be found on HTC ACCESSORIES Shop