The number of social networks for different purposes are just growing and every day you may hear about a new network with a new feature or new interface. You no longer are limited to Facebook or Instagram to connect with family and friends and meet new people with certain things in common all around the world. While most of such social networks are free to use and everyone with a valid email address or phone number can register and have access to their profiles, there are some premium networks with limited users and more specific targets.

IMYPATH is one of these premium social networks that according to their developers has been designed to target users with Middle & Upper-Class Lifestyle. The network is available on Web, iOS, and Android and all your details and preferences are synced across these platforms.


What to expect from the IMYPATH?

Well, IMYPATH delivers everything you should expect from such social network services including messaging, sending posts a text, audio, video, or pictures, interact with other users, add followers (read it supporters) and a lot more. On the other side, it sets the bar to a higher level by offering some unique features including ghost mode, category search engine, adding exclusive categories, Hate and Love reactions and a lot more.

Since we are talking about a premium and paid social network, you should expect to find more people with the same lifestyle and interests as you and when it comes to privacy concerns, IMYPATH guarantees that no personal data will be ever used for advertising purposes.


IMYPATH main features at a glance:

  • Clean and neat design with fresh and intuitive interface
  • Middle & Upper-Class Lifestyle Social Network
  • Cross-platform social network (Android, iOS, and Web)
  • Exclusive category feeds
  • Powerful search engine inside the app to search by section, category and more
  • Post text, audio, video or image
  • Set video as the profile
  • Ghost mode
  • support, supporters and supporting (Instead of follow, followers and following)
  • Useful to get in touch with family, friends, and colleagues
  • Get to know more people all around the world with the same interests as you

So, download IMYPATH for Android or iOS, and enjoy using the new generation of social networks on your phones and tablets.

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