High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Tabata training are two popular types of training that are known to be really helpful to lose weight burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. So, no wonder Tabata and HIIT related applications have recently emerged in the Play Store and more developers tend to develop such health and fitness applications.

Interval Timer is one of these workout companion apps that delivers a super practical interval training clock and HIIT timer that can be used to keep track of your calorie-burning routines by offering an interval timer for preparation time, exercise time, and of course the number of repetitions.


Should you give Interval Timer a try?

Well, if you have just added such HIIT and Tabata exercise into your workout routines, you definitely need to have an accurate and easy to use interval timer app to help you manage the time and track your exercise time and preparation time efficiently.

Interval Timer not only is highly recommended to amateurs, but it can also be very use ful for professional trainers who need to deal with different types of workouts and routines and looking for a professional interval timer app to be able to save multiple workouts at the same time.

The clean and neat design along with intuitive interface enables you to easily get a hold of the status of your training session at a glance without having to go through different menus and views.

Overall, in my opinion, Interval Timer is totally worth a try and you can count on it when it comes to keeping track of your exercises and managing your exercise time, rest time, and preparation time.


Download Interval Timer for free from Play Store

You can download Interval Timer from Play Store and see if it delivers all the features and options you have in your mind as a HIIT timer and stopwatch application.