Looks like there is at least one app for literally anything. This is my first reaction when I first saw the Invito App. The idea of the app is simple: It helps you organize the list of people you’ve invited to different events, parties, ceremonies, meetings and such. You just need to create an event, invite as many people as you want to participate in that specific event and wait for the attendees to RSVP the even. Once everyone replied to your request, you’d know who is coming and who is not coming.


What I liked the most about this event management app?

Well, first of all, I really liked the idea and how the developers have managed to implement the idea into a clean and neat app. It’s also good to see the option to manage more than one event at once. I also liked being able to add certain details to each invited person, such as whether they have already paid their contribution or not.


What I would change? There is nothing much to change, except the graphics. It would be nice, if the app’s design was more modern and stylish.


Should you give the Invito App a try? Well, if you are dealing with throwing parties or managing events and meetings, then using such invitees management apps can save you lots of time and efforts. Give it a try and see how the process of inviting people and ask them to RSVP the event can get smoother and more pleasant.


It’s also worth to mention that Invito App is also available for iOS devices which can be download for free from the App Store (Get Invito App for iOS)

Download the Invito App from the Play Store and share with us your experiences and thoughts.