A few days ago Apple revealed its new operating system, meanwhile Android's latest version, Android Marshmallow was released a few months ago and Android's upcoming version, Android N, is on the way. The recently announced iOS 10 seems to have new cool and user friendly features. Some of these features previously existed on Android. So, we are going to have an iOS 10 vs. Android debate and study iOS 10 features already available on Android or in other words, the features iOS 10 borrowed from Android.


So, let's get started to see iOS 10 features already available on Android.


Clear All Notification

This feature avails you to clear all notifications at once, instead of clearing them one by one. Well, it's a great feature but it has been available on Android since its inception. So, it is another fact in iOS 10 vs. Android debate.


New Lock Screen

Apple has completely changed lock screen. Inasmuch as 3D Touch controls, it has a new card-based UI, something that we have seen on Android earlier. Also, When you swipe to the right, it brings a section for widgets and this feature was introduced by Android years ago but it was removed later for it wasn't useful enough. So, it is one of the features iOS 10 borrowed from Android.


Raise to Wake

Another great feature in iOS 10 is raise to wake which makes checking your notifications easier. There is no need to push any buttons to check them. Just pick up your phone and it will wake up and show you the notifications. Something similar to this feature, known as Ambient Display, was added to Android devices back in Android Lollipop.


Photos App

Photos app will use face recognition to help you find your pictures easier which was available in Google photos earlier. It also recognizes objects and combines the most relevant photos into movie and albums so that you can have a better access to your photos. These features were also a vailable on Google photos which was used by Android and iOS at the same time.



iOS 10 will support 3rd party apps, so it is open to the developers. You can use your voice assistant send a WeChat message, book rides, search photos, workouts and payments for sending money using Square Cash. 3rd party app support was added to Android last year, one of  iOS 10 features already available on Android. And of course we are talking about Google Now and its features.


Apple Maps

It has changed its design. You can filter your map to certain subjects, like restaurants. It also shows traffic and shows you the routs to avoid it. These features should be familiar for Android users for when Google Maps bought Waze, all of these features were available. Now that iOS 10 supports 3rd party apps, users will be able to search for nearby restaurants, reserve a table, book a ride … using other apps which is also familiar for Android users.


Uninstall Apps

From now on, you will be able to remove most of the apps, like notes, that were on the device when you bought it except some certain apps like messaging. There is a similar feature on Android with one difference. On Android, when you remove the app you can replace it with other apps but on iOS 10 they can't be replaced and you need to download the apps again.


There are also also Intelligent QuickType Keyboard and iMessage which will be available on Android and provide you with better and easier writing and messaging features, like sending your location with one touch of the keyboard. These features were not mature on Android but Google has revealed its new app called Allo for this purpose. So we should wait and see which one will work better. All in all, iOS 10 seemed to have brilliant features and some of them were formerly available on Android and so, the competition goes on and we shall wait and see which one will be more successful this time.