Almost every computer or smartphone user knows the pain of deleting files or folders from a device accidentally. Since we store everything on our phones, this concerns both personal files such as photos from a vacation and documents that you perhaps spent hours creating. 

To fix situations like this, save your nerve cells, and get your files back, we collected a list of golden techniques and methods to recover deleted files on Android. 

Your File May Come Back: Guide to Restore Erased Files on Android Smartphones

Now, the first thing to remember when losing an important file is not to panic. Panic is your enemy – it doesn’t let you think clearly and see the solutions already there. 

Let’s go and see the best methods to recover deleted files on Android because there is a whole variety of them. 

1. Looking in the Recycle Bin.

Many Android phones have the Gallery working so that deleted photos don’t vanish but stay in the trash bin. This is introduced as a safety means. So if what you need is retrieving deleted photos on Samsung phone, look no more – on Samsungs, this method works brilliantly. 

To check this bin, find and tap in the top right corner of the menu. You'll see ‘Recycle Bin’ among the suggested options when it opens up. This album might also keep stories and videos, and it takes just one click to get them back. 

2. Using backups. 

Another way to successfully recover files on Android is creating backups (previously) and taking the deleted files from these backups. As a result, special backup apps for Androids have become very popular. For example, Dumpster allows you to backup not only files but apps, themes, and more. 

Google’s native backup also lets you get files back to Google Drive. There are also other capabilities – sorting images, restoring only chosen files, etc. Google is available for the users of Androids that haven’t b een rooted. 

3. Trying Android data recovery applications for PC. 

There are plenty of apps that ensure fast and hassle-free recovery of files on smartphones. As an example of a good Android file recovery tool, let us introduce Disk Drill by CleverFiles. 

Regardless of the file type or volume, it can bring your files back to life. Here are some more facts about the app:

  • Over 400 formats are available, and the restoration process is quite intuitive and easy to follow. 
  • Supporting RAW devices scan
  • Recovering data from damaged Android devices and iPhones 
  • File preview (very convenient)
  • Data protection features

For which cases is this method best? Practically for all those where the backup is impossible, the Internet connection is unreliable, or there is no Google cloud storage. 

Here is how to recover a file or folder with Disk Drill for Mac.  

  1. Install the app on your PC. 
  2. Take a USB and connect the device to your Mac. Then, turn on the USB debugging mode on your phone. 
  3. Launch Disk Drill, and choose the device.
  4. Start basic or deep scanning on the drive. This will take a few minutes. 
  5. Preview the suggested files and drag them back to the Android storage. 

As a rule, simple data loss doesn’t need deep scanning and is made fast.

Wrap Up 

If you came here for the answer about recovering data from your phone and were desperate, now breathe freely because it is not only possible but easy to recover deleted Android files and protect them to avoid further cases of data loss. 

Android apps for retrieving files from hard drives, backup tools, or standard trash bin data rescue – you choose!