Two-player games have always been one of my most favorite types of games and I always have a couple of multiplayer games on my Android device; from advanced games that connect 2 players via wireless network or mobile data, or simple yet addictive games that enable the players to compete against each other on a single device.


Janissary Battles is one of the newest 2-player games that enables you to play against a friend on a single device. The unique thing about this game is that it comes with 8 different retro-pixel addictive game and each time one of these games is randomly selected for you to play.

Arrow, Axe, Sword, Mace, Spear, Arena, Catapult, and Gun are the name of the available games. And we are hoping that the developers add more titles to the list soon. Each game has its own unique concept, and thanks to the super easy to learn gameplay, high-quality graphics, smooth animations, and addictive challenges, you never get bored or tired and you will have fun playing with a friend for hours without ever noticing the time.


If you like 2-player games then Janissary Battles is a must-have game for you

What I like the most about this 2-player game is the fact that there is no learning curve, there is no complex gameplay, and there is no difficulty getting the whole idea. You just need to open the game for the very first time, head to the battlefield and wait for your random game to start. After a couple of tries, you and your friend get used to the gameplay and get familiar with the concept, and after that, the real battle begins. You can keep track of your stats and after playing a few games, it’s always fun to see how many games you have won and how many you have lost.

You can download Janissary Battles from the Google Play Store free of charge, and there is also the option to play on a desktop computer using the Janissary Battles Web App.