The “Endless Games” category is not new to users and while they have been designed to be addictive, they can be easily boring. Jumpy Jumper is a fun endless jumping game and one of the latest games in this category, which has managed to be extremely addictive without getting boring. It’s completely free and with no disturbing ads on the screen. It’s really hard to find free games with no ads these days.


While the logic of the game is as simple as touching the screen to jump, sometimes you won’t just feel the time and you’ll see yourself drawn in to the game.

The background changes as you progress in the game and you need to you jump upwards, over and over, either straight upwards or off a wall in order to get a boost. As you manage to get to higher points and levels, there are some puzzle pieces along the way to be collected. Once you have collected enough pieces, you unlock a random character. I really liked the idea of unlocking characters randomly, as you have no idea what you are going to unlock and which character you are going to jump with over and over.


The graphic and design is just cool. All the characters have been designed minimalistic and tru st me, you won’t get tired of seeing these cute characters jumping, falling and hitting the walls. And the game’s music cannot be more matched with the design. I usually play such games in silent mode, but the cool sound track made me play the Jumpy Jumper with high volume.

As mentioned above, the gameplay is as simple as tilting your device to left and right to move the character and touching the screen for jumping. If you are just too lazy to rotate your phone to move, you have the option to move using a virtual joysteak. And don’t forget to bounce off walls to get a special boost.


And last but not the least, is the option to connect the game to your Google Play Games account, so you can see how your friends are ranking in the game.

In overall, Jumpy Jumper is a fun endless jumping game for Android which will keep you busy on your phone for some time to time. You can download the Jumpy Jumper for FREE with no ADS right from the Google Play Store. It really is worth installing and trying. And remember, Jumpy Jumper is addictive. Period.