And yet another my favorite types of game, I’m about to review. Just Wanna Kill You Quick is an online shooter game for Android with a simple graphics but highly addictive gameplay that can easily get you occupied for hours in your spare times without noticing the time.

This free multiplayer shooter game is super lightweight and the good news is that there won’t be any kind of extra download after opening the game. And there is an in-app purchase item to buy.

The gameplay is as simple as controlling the character using on-screen buttons and the story is as straightforward as shooting to kill before getting killed or drawn! Speaking of the “drawn” part, you have to be extra careful, because if you fall down from a platform you may get yourself killed.


What else did I like about this game? Well, apart from the fact that this online shooter game comes with stylish graphics and easy to learn gameplay, I also liked the random map feature. Every time I jumped into a battle, the map was different and I don’t know how, but seems like they are gen erating random maps at each battle to boost the fun and excitement.

I also liked the fast-paced gameplay that makes you be fully focused on the gameplay. Everything happens so fast and you never know what comes next and who is going to attack you. There are multiple players on the battlefield at the same time and after a couple of seconds, you will find yourself escaping from one player while attacking the other one.


Give this online shooter game a try and share your thoughts

Just Wanna Kill You Quick is available to download for free from the Google Play Store and since it’s free, you should expect a couple of ads finding their ways on your screen. But, don’t worry, the ads are not disturbing at all.

Make sure to play this multiplayer shooter game and share your thoughts.