Whether it is the number of remaining exams or the pills we’re going to take, we are always tracking something in our daily life. This brilliant application, KeepTrack, helps you organize almost every track-able things in our life, and it does its job fantastically well!


Using its powerful graphical interface, KeepTrack can display statistics in a nice and easy-to-understand graphs, lists or Pie charts. This is a generic application with generic usage, it doesn’t bound users to a specific category, so you are free to track weight, diets, exercises, books read, books want to read, training records, pills consumption, number of coffee cups or cigarettes you had today and any other track-able statistics you would want to see on a graph!


How does it do?

KeepTrack supports a bunch of tracking types:

  • Number: for tracking numeric based data, like push-ups, weight, distance and so on
  • Boolean: Yes or No questions for questions such as: Did you take your pills today? Did you call your dad this month?
  • Text: Used to record things such as ideas, special moments and so on
  • Multi Value: for tracking several values at the same time, i.e. number of goals scored/conceded in a monthly football match
  • Marker
  • Duration: for tracking lap time for example

So when you start adding a new tracker, the application asks you for a name and the type of data you are tracking. After that, using the Add Entry dialog you can feed the data to the application.

Within each tracker, you have acc ess to some reporting features. Using the graph it is easy to see what you have achieved since the beginning. KeepTrack also makes it possible to compare several graphs at the same time. It is even possible to define a Goal value so that you can see how far you are from your goal. Take a look at the statistics screen to get detailed statistics, overall value ranges and time ranges. Some values can even be shown in a pie chart.


I have a good and bad news about KeepTrack. The application has a 3x1 home screen widget which allows adding new entries directly from homescreen. The bad news is that the widget does not display the graph.

The last but not least feature of KeepTrack, is the "Export" feature. Exports can be in XML or text, which is useful for taking backups of your data or dumping into a spreadsheet.

One word about the interface, the design looks pretty impressive; I like how KeepTrack attractively displays statistics.

KeepTrack is versatile, intuitive, handy application for almost anyone, and somehow it is unique in its kind. The old version had some crashing problems but as of new update, all crashing and force closes have been fixed.


KeepTrack General Features:

  • General purpose tracking application
  • Display statistics using graphs and Pie charts
  • Several tracking types
  • 3x1 homescreen widget
  • Ability to compare several statistics
  • Ability to assign units
  • Support for exporting data

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