If you were to choose the most addictive and challenging type of games, what would you pick first? Strategy games? Match-3 puzzle games? Shooter games? Or what?

We would choose match-3 puzzle games at the top of the list, and no wonder there is probably an endless number of such games available for Android phones and tablets. Koin Katcher is one of these puzzle games with the same concept and gameplay that you’d expect from such match-3 games. You need to swap the adjacent cells in order to bring at least 3 shapes with the same color together and pop them all. Each level comes with a certain goal and you get to use different power-ups and boosters whenever you are stuck in a level.


So, what’s so special about t he Koin Katcher? I really liked the name of the game and it kind of stood out from the crowd while browsing through the match-3 games on Play Store. But, it’s not all. Here are some of the main reasons that I believe are convincing enough to give the Koin Katcher a try and have fun solving different puzzles and challenges:

One. The graphics along with sound effects are so engaging that you will feel you are playing a totally new game.

Two. The animations are smooth enough that you feel like playing a premium game

Three. The puzzles are so unique and challenging that you never get bored while solving them

And I hope that the developers keep providing updates and add new levels to the game.

By the way, if you are one of the many users who are into such puzzle match games, make sure to download Koin Katcher for free on your phone or tablet, and start passing the levels one by one.