Bubble shooter games just got more fun and addictive. This is my first impression after playing Let's Panda Pop for a couple of hours.

Let's Panda Pop, as the name implies, is an arcade game with the same concept as the classic bubble shooter game. Your objective is to rescue the baby pandas by aiming and shooting at the matching-color bubbles and trying to burst all the bubbles before it’s too late. 

While the gameplay and objectives are the same as the classic bubble shooter game, with Let’s Panda Pop, you get to face more addictive challenges, higher quality, and better animations. There are also different power-ups and boosters that can help you succeed in more difficult missions. You can collect coins during different missions and use them to buy more lives and boosters.

Let's Panda Pop

What do I like the most about Let's Panda Pop?

The animations and gameplay are super smooth, and I didn’t face any slowness or lag while trying to aim and shoot the color bubbles. 

I also liked the variety of available challenges and missions to pass. It makes sure you never get bored or tired and have hours of fun trying to shoot at the bubbles with the same color. 

Is Let's Panda Pop worth a try?

If you used to play the classic bubble shooter game on old game consoles, and look for an alternative with the same gameplay, this arcade game won’t disappoint you at all. 

I’d recommend Let's Panda Pop for users who are looking for an addictive arcade game to kill some time in their spare time.

Download Let's Panda Pop from Play Store