LG G5 comes with two rear lenses to take 135-degree wide angle shots. These LG G5 camera tips and tricks, show you how to take better shots on LG G5 using available camera modes, as well as manual settings. So, let’s get started:


01: What are the Different ways to launch the camera app?

Other than, just tapping the Camera icon on the home screen (or the app drawer) and touching the shutter button, there are way faster ways to launch the camera app and make sure not to miss a thing. Here are the ways to open Camera on LG G5:

One. While on the lock screen, simply press and hold your finger on the Camera shortcut placed at the very left bottom of the screen. Now, swipe in any direction to open the Camera app on your LG G5.

Two. Double press the Volume Down Key while the screen is off or on the lock screen. If this method doesn’t work for you, go to the Settings > General tab and under the personal settings, open the Shortcut Key settings and turn it ON.


02: How to take shots quickly?

After opening the camera app, press the shutter button (or any volume button) to take a shot. But here are some of other ways to take shots faster:

One. Double press the Volume Down Key while the screen is off or on the lock screen. If it doesn’t work, go to the Settings > General tab > Shortcut Key and make sure the future is enabled as well as the Quick Shot button.

Two. Hold still while facing the selfie camera. To take a quick selfie shot, simply look at the front camera’s lens and hold still for just a second to let the camera identify your face. The camera will automatically capture a quick selfie.

To enable face detection feature, make sure the front camera is active, hit the Gear icon on the top left and tap on the hand detection icon to change it to the face detection icon ( How-to-Use-Hand-Detection-to-Take-Selfies-on-LG-G5 >> How-to-Use-Face-Detection-to-Take-a-Selfie-on-LG-G5  )

Three. Make a fist. This is as easy as it sounds. Face the palm of your hand to the front camera and then slowly make a fist. The 3 seconds timer goes off and your selfie will be ready.

To enable hand detection feature, hit the Gear icon on the top left while on the front camera, and touch the face detection icon to change it to the hand detection icon.

Four. Say Cheese. Go to the camera settings (press the gear icon) and touch the sound detection feature (How-to-Use-Voice-Commands-to-Take-Shots-on-LG-G5). Now to take a photo, simply say Cheese, Smile, Kimichi, or LG.

Five. Touch the screen. This will only work if you are using the Simple mode on the camera. While on the camera, touch the 3-dot icon on the top right side of the screen, and select the Simple mode. Now touch the screen and your shot is ready.

03. How to use the wide-angle camera?

As mentioned earlier, the LG G5 comes with two camera lenses at the back, which one of them is a wide lens. To capture wide shots, simply touch the wide camera button (look for three tress icon). You can also pinch to zoom out to enable the wide camera on your G5.


04. How to take photos in RAW mode?

JPG is the default format for saving photos on LG G5. But if you need to have more control on the picture when editing, you can save it as RAW format. To enable saving picture in RAW, tap the 3-dot icon on the top right of the screen, select the Manual mode, and then hit the JPG button on the top bar to switch it to the RAW JPG mode.


05. How t o switch between Selfie and Front cameras?

There is a button on the top of the screen which lets you switch between front and rear cameras. But there is a touch gesture too. Simply swipe across the screen to switch from the rear camera to the selfie camera. Swipe again to switch it back.

Tip: On the Selfie mode, there is Beauty Adjustment tool next to the shutter button and its main duty is to make your beautiful. More beautiful of course. Simply use the slider and see the difference.


06. How to change video recording quality and photo aspect ratio?

By default, LG G5 shoots 16:9 photos and records FHD (1080p) videos. To change the photo aspect ratio and video recording quality, do as follows:

Step1: Open the Camera application

Step2: Touch the Gear icon on the top left to open the Camera Settings.

Step3: Swipe all the way to the left and touch the Change Quality button (The icon should include a 16:9 in it or 4:3 or 1:1)

Step4: Now from the first row, select the aspect ratio and change the video quality from the second raw. Available options for video recording are HD, FHD, and UHD.


07. How to take Slow Motion videos?

Slo-Mo videos can be easily taken using the LG G5. To take and record slow motion videos, do as follows:

Step1: Open the Camera application

Step2: Touch the 3-dot icon on the top right side of the screen and select the Auto mode

Step3: Tap the Mode button from the top bar, and then touch to activate the Slo-mo mode

Step4: Hit the Recording Button and start capturing your slow mition video.

Note that, when playing back your video, you get to choose the speed from normal to 8x slower.


08. How to enable Burst Mode and take continuous shots?

Burst Mode means capturing in quick succession and is very useful to capture some sports. To contentiously take high speed shoots, you just need to press and hold your finger on the shutter button and your G5’s camera takes up 30 photos. To stop taking shots, simply release your finger.


09. How to get the most of Manual Mode?

The manual mode on LG G5 comes with bunch of useful adjustment tool to shoot like a pro. Here are some of the tools you can use in the manual mode:

One. Manual Focus: To manually focus on the G5’s camera, touch the MF button and use the slider to focus on the subject manually.

Two. Shutter Speed and ISO: Changing the shutter speed (S icon) enables you to capture objects with different speeds. Don’t forget to adjust the ISO when changing the shutter speed.

Three. White Balance: This manual camera settings, lets you take perfect shots in different lighting conditions. Hit the WB icon and adjust your preferred color tone.

Note that, you need to enable the Manual Mode by touching the 3-dot icon and selecting the Manual option.



10. How to share your captured photos and recorded videos?

There is a quick share button in the camera’s interface, enabling you to quickly share your already taken shot. To instantly share photo or video, do as follows:

Step1: Open the Camera app and shoot the picture you want to share

Step2: Tap the arrow button above the thumbnail photo on the bottom right side of the screen

Step3: Five sharing options appear on the screen and you get to see more by touching 3-horizantla-dot icon.

Step4: Touch the app you want to share your photo in, and do the rest on the opened app.


What are the other LG G5’s camera options and features?

You can also set a timer to shoot (3sec or 10sec), enable the Optical Image Stabilizer for more steady shots, turn on the HDR mode, take time-lapse videos, take multi-view photos and panorama shots, and a lot more.

So, grab your LG G5, use these LG G5 Camera Tips and Tricks, and take some unique photos.