So, you are still wondering whether to go for the LG G5 with modular design or the Galaxy S7 (Edge) as the best Samsung Android device to date.

In this LG G5 vs Galaxy S7 (Edge) article, instead of comparing the specs head-to-head, we tend to show you what you are going to lose and get if going for either of this great Android devices. So, let’s get started, with a quick specs comparison:



What you’ll get if you choose the LG G5 over the Galaxy S7 (Edge)

  • Modular design (G5’s friends): It means you get to try different accessories (like Cam Plus or Hi-FI Plus) on your LG G5, thanks to the modular design
  • Replacing the Battery: An extra battery has been always a better choice than quick charging, wireless charging and carrying a power bank.
  • Infrared: If you are used to controlling your digital device using a universal remote app on your Android device, the LG G5, unlike the S7, won’t disappoint you.
  • Bigger screen: LG G5 is 0.2” bigger than the Galaxy S7
  • Dual Rear Cameras: You can take wider still shots with more details to capture
  • FM Radio: This is not everyone’s favorite, but having access to FM Radio stations without the need to an internet connection, is pleasant.
  • Quick charge 3.0 compared to the quick charge 2.0 in Galaxy S7 (Edge)
  • LG UI


What you’ll lose if you choose the LG G5 over the Galaxy S7 (Edge)

  • Water and Dust proof feature
  • Less battery capacity and less battery life compared to the Galax S7 (Edge) battery life
  • The edge screen and its unique features (It’s only available in the Galaxy S7 Edge)
  • Poorer image quality at night or in dark places
  • Since the LG G5 uses the US Type-C connection, you may have to buy an adaptor to get your old accessories to work on your G5.
  • Wireless charging and fast wireless charging
  • Samsung TouchWiz
  • 4K Video Recording

What you’ll find on both devices in common:

  • Power and Speed: These devices use the same hardware specs (CPU and GPU) and running the same Android version, so there is not a notable difference in terms of speed and power
  • Always-On-Display: You get to see the date and time, as well as missed notifications on both LG G5 and Galaxy S7 (Edge)
  • Display is just gorgeous and we recommend you not to overthink the display quality
  • Accurate and fast fingerprint
  • The option to extend the memory using a micro SD card

So, is this LG G5 vs Galaxy S7 (Edge) article making the buying decision any easier for you? Note that, we didn’t include the price and availability in our comparisons factors, as these devices may be available in different prices and conditions. If the prices are the same, then you just need to see if what you get is more valuable than what you lose? And if the prices are not the same, you should consider whether the extra features are worth more money or not?


LG G5 vs Galaxy S7 (Edge): Who is the Winner? Which One you Should go for?

Well, this is hard to confidently announce the winner of this battle. It depends on what you are looking in an Android device and what your game breaking criteria are. Since they are all the best Android phones to date, you should see how you feel about them. So, we recommend you to hold these devices in your hands and see which one feels better and feels more premium.

If you love the edge screen, then you have just one option: Galaxy S7 Edge. But if the edge screen is not that much a big deal for you, then you should consider other factors.

As the final conclusion, the modular design and the dual rear cameras in the back are the main reasons to go for the LG G5, and the water proof design and better photo quality in dark places are the reasons to go for the Galaxy S7.

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